Beijing – VIDEO – interview with Wo Dang Chinese Aboriginal eye site experts keep equipment guide-exit safe mode

Beijing – VIDEO – interview with Wo Dang: Chinese Aboriginal "eye" expert guide keep equipment location visit Tai Wo Taipa Aborigines: "eye" for Chinese location expert guide keep equipment [comment] in September 25th, built in Guizhou province Jinke Pingtang County village of Tai Wo Taipa in FAST500 m diameter spherical radio telescope – mouth that is, the media called "eye" — will be completed. The reporter visited here in advance, once to "eye" site had contributed to the 70 year old Yang Zhaoming. Yang Zhaoming was a big nest Mao in the aborigines, from 2003 Guizhou Province Radio Management Bureau to Tai Wo Taipa Pingtang radio measurement, Yang Zhaoming has become a "eye" location study group reception staff and tour guide, study group to lead the way for another batch, help them to go out to buy food, cooking and so on. The study group, the logistics personnel. The same period [] (Guizhou Tai Wo Taipa village villagers Yang Zhaoming Jinke Pingtang) in 2003 sixteen months, they go to work, I go to the wood to them (fire), cut wood, because the weather is very cold, three or four times a day to pick the (water) to them, they are more than a dozen people, arrange I keep in there, I have to lead the way, when they are free to lead the way, give them cooking when not busy, (then show them the way to spend a long time) rotary kiln for two or three hours, sometimes go up to the top of the hill, the old outside when the grass is so high, you must use a hand to put aside, there was no exploration success everywhere shouting to lead the way, so the big nest Mao panorama is I spent three days to find the camera position. [comment] as the generations living in the big nest Mao in Aboriginal, Yang Zhaoming for "eye" in the final location of construction in Tai Wo Taipa very proud. The same period [] (Guizhou Tai Wo Taipa village villagers Jinke Pingtang (Yang Zhaoming) you say Water Leakage holes can be seen in that position, it) is here, in this position, the tunnel from here through the past, (seven generations have flooded in the inside, record) up to up to the tip, these are the fields, from here the house is Tian Tian, these are, most Yandao seedling tip, is about one meter deep, the rain stopped, two or three hours without water, the fire hole Xiaoshui badly. [comment] from 2011, China "eye" construction after more than 5 years, is put into use, "the number of observations of the celestial eye" will increase substantially, observation statistics sample can provide more and better for scientists, more reliable test of modern physics, astronomical theories and models. Reporter Yang Guangzhen Li Jing Guizhou Pingtang reports相关的主题文章: