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Beijing – VIDEO – visit the Beijing Sanhuan only farmland: in the noisy city looking for a "pure land" to visit the Beijing Sanhuan only farmland: the noisy city in search of a piece of pure land [comment] fertile soil, contiguous corn, the farmland of Beijing Sanhuan near Zhongguancun, is called by the netizen "the history of the your farm" experimental field of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in September 21st, the reporter personally visit, visit a piece of pure land in the noisy city. In the south of the Beijing Sanhuan Lenovo bridge, the reporter saw the farmland downtown. In the fall, the corn is ripe and yellow, and the tractor is turning over the land. Field workers are using the rope to measure the land, and the corn stalks in the land marked. According to agricultural experts, the upcoming winter wheat planting, are now doing the preparatory work, including measuring, marking, over the whole land. [the same period] (nearby residents Tan Zhe): do you think the land is good or bad? Of course, I think it is better to keep it, not only to look at the fresh, and you want to plant crops, and not a small park, which is equivalent to the city’s small green. And this kind of ground is not hardened, the water conservation is very good. [comment] close to Zhongguancun, the surrounding high-rise buildings, the average price of second-hand housing 80 thousand yuan per square metre of the ring side, the field is clearly worth. Reporters saw in the ring side of the heavy traffic, this field has attracted many pedestrians stopped? Look, many people have said, hope this can keep down, see this farmland feel particularly warm, feel at home. [the same period] (nearby residents DU) here is very open, I tell you, I have been working here for so many years, it is like my home, this is my home. So this is the door in my house to sing, my family is in the countryside, which is like my home in rural areas, like my hometown, more cordial, very cordial. [interpretation] it is understood that this is the only farmland in Beijing Sanhuan, it is older than the age of new china. Crop cultivation research experts in China have planted a number of National Invention Award and progress in science and Technology Award for new varieties of crops. Today, the scientific experts are still in the field of cultivation, the land has become a rare piece of land in the city. Zheng Haiyang reports from Beijing相关的主题文章: