Beware of the disaster from the mouth into more than 30 mushrooms to eat mushrooms poisoning zhuxianduowan

Beware of "bad mouth" medicine more than 30 babies eat mushroom poisoning reporters yesterday from the children’s hospital was informed that during the national day, mushroom poisoning incidents: Sichuan Luzhou 9 year old by a family of 5, Baishiyi 10 year old Qiaoqiao a family of 4, Qianjiang 6 year old joined a family of 4 so, because eat mushroom poisoning. At present, these poisoned children are receiving treatment in the hospital. Children’s Hospital experts said, unlike in previous years, during the National Day this year, the hospital has treated more than 30 cases of mushroom poisoning children! Doctors once again reminded the public, do not pick and eat wild mushrooms. Drank mushroom soup frequently was poisoned at the age of 9, the vast Sichuan Yibin people. For a holiday, the father mother from the field to spend the holiday at home, see the weather is fine, the vast mother suggested going to the mountains mushrooms to eat. The one family drank "delicious" mushroom soup, the grandma and grandpa, dad and mom have varying degrees of abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting and other symptoms. Several people were sent to a local hospital, the doctor diagnosed mushroom poisoning. The 10 year old Yi Qiaoqiao is people, white city during the national day, rural relatives brought a bag of wild mushrooms. A wild mushroom, Qiao Qiao grandmother was very pleased and said: "this mushroom good Oh, mountains, environmentally friendly and delicious!" Who knows a family to drink the green mushroom soup, were sent to the hospital. Qianjiang 6 year old strong is the name of left-behind children, during the national day, two distant cousin chuanmen, three brothers have about good mountain mushrooms to eat. The results of the second day, the three brothers together with grandpa in a bowl of fresh mushroom soup, were taken to hospital. Grandpa was temporarily out of danger, but unfortunately one of the powerful cousin has left them forever! Wild mushroom poisoning mortality in children’s Hospital of renal physicians when Ji Sheng, the annual children’s hospital will receive for edible wild mushroom poisoning hospitalized children, including children because of excessive consumption of poisonous wild mushrooms. When the doctor, because the toxic components of complex poisonous mushrooms, even through cooking, processing or drying and other methods can not destroy its toxicity and poisoning vary; mainly nausea and vomiting, convulsions, seizures, mental disorder, acute hemolysis, jaundice, liver and kidney damage, severe cases can cause death. The doctor said that after the mushroom poisoning, dangerous disease, high mortality, and there is no effective therapy. Therefore, when eating wild mushrooms after the poisoning symptoms, should immediately seek medical treatment as soon as possible, the emetic, gastric lavage and catharsis, enema and other methods, conditions can early blood purification therapy will improve the cure rate. Reminded not to eat wild mushrooms in addition, when the doctor also reminded the general public, especially in rural and township people, do not think that colorful mushrooms are poisonous mushrooms, non-toxic colors are simple. In fact, there are a lot of poisonous mushrooms, as well as ordinary non-toxic mushrooms have a simple appearance, the fundamental way to prevent mushroom poisoning is not to eat wild mushrooms. Poisonous mushrooms and mushroom and edible mushroom shape is called, there is no significant difference. There are more than 100 kinds of poisonous mushrooms in our country, which are widely distributed.相关的主题文章: