Broken in the sky Liyan Tong, Mavis Fan, and the triangular relationship between the Chinese and the-clonecd

"Shaking" Liyan Tong Mavis Fan Nicholas Tse in the broken triangle Tencent entertainment news by the famous director producer Wilson Yip, Hongkong new director Wu Pinru directed action gangster movie "shaking broken" in October 21st is about to visit the national cinema. In addition to Nicholas Tse, the film side invited Sean Lau two winner to do Acting reputation guarantee, and the new mom Liyan Tong and Mavis Fan young punk challenge hero Shenpan beauty play. It is understood that the movie "shaking broken" tells the story of a reversal of the gangster story: tracking multiple homicide inspection Ma Jin (Nicholas Tse) Che Jiawei and criminal psychologist (Sean Lau ornaments) were treated with terrorists — "the general" (high Weiguang ornaments) organ transplantation, by chance, the car home Wei as a consultant in case of the assistance of a group of horse in the investigation of cases, the relationship between two people die subtle, "general" as a haze shrouded in their life, at the same time, a matter of millions of lives of conspiracy also slowly opened the curtain…… This is the first time Mavis Fan and Nicholas Tse, she changed the rebellious rock on weekdays, the challenge as an understanding wife and loving mother fan children, wife as senior inspector Ma Jin Mo xiu. As everyone knows, Mavis Fan and Nicholas Tse are the famous young outstanding representative of the entertainment circle, two years after the first famous cooperation is full of passion – two people eat the same Hot pot fragment is a simple scene, but the eyes of staggered is full of affection, rely on the eyes will be between husband and wife and delicate emotion behaved most incisive. Mavis Fan said in the making of the film side before the exposure, "Nicholas Tse is a workaholic, and he first time feeling very smooth, very naturally spark." She said: "in private reality Nicholas work very seriously, usually not much." In recent years, the family business Everything is going smoothly. Liyan Tong in the movie as a devotion for love spoony woman. In the movie, she thought with Nicholas Tse and Sean Lau three people are the relationship between a mystery, Liyan Tong himself said: "Ma Jin (Nicholas Tse) and Che Jiawei (Sean Lau) by me, they fell into a good cloth." The interaction between her and Nicholas Tse is whirling, after the exposure of the video material is not difficult to find Liyan Tong Nicholas Tse frequently discharge, whether her character will intervene and Ma Jin Mo Xiu model couple like marriage? Ma Jin will make what kind of choice? This intriguing triangular relationship between men and two women, to know the truth, have to go to the cinema a look.相关的主题文章: