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The death of Castro Trump and Obama   statement by the public criticism – International – political leaders of the Cuban Revolutionary leader Fidel? Castro’s death statement, President Barack and President elect Donald? Obama? Trump is no exception, but two people but for different reasons by the United States public criticism. 26, the White House issued a statement to express condolences to the family of Castro, and said that the history will record and evaluate the tremendous impact of the Cuban people and the world brought to Cuba by Castro. Trump issued a statement on the same day is full of negative evaluation of Castro. Bloomberg 27 days notice, the normalization of relationship between the reversal process of the statement did not repeat the beauty of Trump during the campaign promises the promise, just claimed that his new government will make every effort to ensure that the Cuban people can finally open to prosperity free process". Trump also did not forget to thank the Cuban people in the United States, as well as the participation of the "Bay of pigs incident," the United States 2506 assault brigade Veterans Association for his support in the campaign. The media entertainment company Ma chable company website 27 reported that many Republicans believe that Obama’s position statement is too soft, and Trump’s statement by netizens ridicule, he think in a speech on Castro Zo such a harsh statement had little boast myself by the campaign support, the timing is not right. In addition, some U.S. lawmakers believe that Castro’s death is an opportunity for the United States to lift the embargo on Cuba and trade embargo. Rely mainly on the export trade of Minnesota’s Democratic Senator Amy? Butch Crowe said that after Trump took office to examine this problem. "For a long time without the beauty of ancient policy based on rationality, but based on the ghosts of the past," said Butcher Crowe, "the two sides take policy failure has been almost 50 years, it’s time for a change." (Marine) [Xinhua] (micro release (Intern), commissioning editor: Cheng Xiaoxia Yan Jiaqi)相关的主题文章: