Changsha, a district seven floor windowsill is now not dare to open the window xpphone

Changsha a district seven floor window is a beehive people afraid to open the window Changsha original title: a seven floor residential window is seven meters diameter of more than half a beehive floor roof window built a hornet’s nest, residents are afraid to open the window. Firefighters first use of pesticides will disperse the wasp. Red Net News October 6th Changsha Changsha resident Zou Yangxin, who lives in Tianxin District College Road, usually work from dawn to dusk. During the national day of rest at home, he found a nest in the window and a half meters in diameter of the hornet’s nest. Today morning, with the firemen, the hornet’s nest was successfully eradicated. Only to find a window to see the bird’s nest wasp Zou Yangxin lived in the seven floor of the roof, there was a sparrow building a nest in his son’s bedroom window. Yesterday afternoon, the son of Zou Sihua opened the window ready to climb up the nest, surprisingly found the head of the canopy and a greater hornet’s nest. "He was frightened and closed the window." Zou Yangxin said it should be built recently, otherwise the family will not find. 10 this morning, the reporter saw the news constantly, the local cellular reach 60 cm, ten wasp is about half a finger hole crawled, head size, some are still behind the mountain to make no reply from the balcony fly back. "They move quickly, yesterday is missing a hornet’s nest, now all filled out." Zou Yangxin said. On the seven floor, the news of the discovery of the beehive was soon spread to the ears of the neighbors. Who lives next door, Ms. Tang was scared out of window, she said, her daughter to play at home, have not been to the anti wasp sting. Under the canopy shading and rain for wasp nests across the screen, watching the hive is more and more big wasp increased, but Zou Yangxin felt helpless, trying to hurt hands and afraid of his family and neighbors. Then, firefighters rushed to the scene with anti bee suit, first spray to the cellular periphery will get rid of wasp. Because built between network security and canopy, firefighters had to break it, and then to the surrounding a pesticide spraying. There are some reasons for wasp in residential buildings, Zou’s bedroom toward the south, and below the canopy ventilation, shading and rain, suitable for living and breeding wasp. Firefighters, although the summer is the season to deal with the largest number of cells, but also appear in autumn. The wasp is extraordinarily sensitive to outside disturb, if serious injury will lead to suffocation death sting. People should try to close doors and windows, away from the hive. If a wasp flew into the room by Miehailing (pesticides) to disperse, in case of being stung to timely medical treatment. (news reporter Liu Songhui)相关的主题文章: