Chen he when dad! Why can’t Zhang Zixuan see a big belly in October xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

Chen he when dad! Why can’t Zhang Zixuan see a big belly in October? October 23rd at 8 am, when he announced his father micro-blog! Zhang Zixuan morning in Shanghai had six pounds in 62, her daughter, her daughter safe. Xu Jing and the divorce didn’t see tell the world, married Zhang Zixuan did not notice the whole network, now my daughter was born, but Chen in the day of micro-blog to celebrate, "thanksgiving" word meaning, Xiaomei (WeChat public number: entifengvip) guess Chen dad was trying to give her daughter a grateful public opinion a good growth environment. After all, mom and dad have questioned, and attack it is an adult thing, the child is innocent. Circle of friends the first time to send micro-blog to celebrate the birth of Chan and Zhang Zixuan’s daughter. The mother AB also to congratulate, think of this year s time, the younger son, Lee Hom’s daughter, "the little master’s daughter," Xiaozhu eyebrow Zhuang "son, Jiani Zhang’s son…… One after another, next year there are Ella, AB, Michelle Chen, Ruby Lin’s first baby, the third children of the family can look forward to, Daddy where the competition is really fierce in the eighth quarter of the! A blessing in the blessings of a lot of light… A prospective father will also be the focus of attention to the time of Zhang Zixuan’s pregnancy, and now look back at this year’s news about the pregnancy of Zhang Zixuan, are true. This year the Chinese new year, gossip care association to grow also drying out a single voyage, showing two days ago, Chen and Zhang Zixuan from Fujian to fly back to Shanghai, according to flight records, "eight" "they speculated that the Spring Festival is in Fujian Chen home over the years. A few days later, some friends broke the news that Zhang Zixuan witnessed in a hospital alone to do blood tests, suspected of just pregnant. Popular photographer was taken to the hospital in Shanghai Chen chen. In February 23rd, someone broke the news to see two people in the Changning District Civil Affairs Bureau of Shanghai City, suspected the licensing of marriage. Reporters for the first time to Chen Chen broker confirmation, the other side said, do not know, do not respond". While the media learned from the informant, two people have the licensing of marriage. This time line that is down, two people suspected of child. How many people have mentioned the parental guidance is biased, that two couples didn’t want to get married, have children to get married. But in fact, it is possible that the couple has not considered the marriage of two, in order to suddenly come to the baby a warm home, decided to immediately get married into a family of three living conditions. However, the above said that all this is not little sister (WeChat public number: entifengvip) concerns. Don’t build is not paoti, Xiaomei (WeChat public number: entifengvip) is concerned with how Zhang Zixuan managed 10 months pregnant, was not to take a big belly black piece! Rio powerful! March makeup coming out of the airport, long legged slender, no signs of pregnancy. May shopping was photographed, but also can not see pregnancy. Look at micro-blog, we’re all fooled! Zhang Zixuan and Chen have a network to buy clothes. Until this month, Zhang Zixuan still maintained the efficiency of the 10 groups to shoot a month to sell their own clothes! Feel free for the last three months. In August, the summer or sell clothes. Every one is small!相关的主题文章: