Children too much calcium risk method makes up the calcium to the baby.

Children too much calcium risk method makes up the calcium to the baby in the golden stage of physical development of children, if your child irritability, eclipse, " o leg " symptoms, your child is likely to be calcium deficiency. There is a part of children with congenital deficiencies, learn from the milk of calcium rarely, lead to calcium deficiency. For the children to have a healthy body, parents must give their children calcium. But the excess calcium will have great harm. Study on excessive harm of domestic and foreign experts in children calcium showed that children eat too much calcium will cause low blood pressure, risk of heart disease increased day after. A team of experts at Boston University in the United States 3 to 5 years of age in comparison with the observation of the control of the children, the calorie intake of 1000 calories per mg of calcium, the systolic blood pressure can be reduced by 2 mm hg. In vivo calcium concentration, can become the bane of many diseases. For example, the concentration of calcium in the aqueous humor of the eye is too high, it can be precipitated as the crystal protein polymerization, cause cataract and blindness; the degree of calcium in the urine is too high, easy to form stones in the urinary bladder, hidden dangers to the urinary tract. At the same time, especially in a greater intake of vitamin D, may be liver and kidney and other vital organs like bone calcification, loss of function, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. In addition, elevated levels of calcium in the body, can reduce appetite, and inhibit the intestinal absorption of zinc, iron, copper and other elements, suffering from trace element deficiency. Give the correct method of baby calcium 1, clear whether the baby lack of nutrients for calcium to the baby the best to first understand the baby’s diet, see the baby in the end there is no lack of Cod Liver Oil (vitamin D), calcium and more food such as milk and whether adequate intake. 2, pay attention to the absorption of different nutrients calcium absorption is mainly in the proximal small intestine, is a need for energy active absorption process, and active vitamin D can promote the absorption of calcium. When dietary calcium is low or the body needs for calcium increases, the gut will immediately active, active absorption of calcium. The absorption of calcium in children has a close relationship with the age of the baby, the younger the age, the higher the absorption rate of calcium. Iron absorption is also in the proximal small intestine. Iron absorption is characterized by three kinds of feedback mechanism, intermittent, small doses of iron, and then add some vitamin C and B2, will play a multiplier effect. 3, try to eliminate the interference factors of nutrient absorption of different nutrients into the body, the body’s absorption, may interfere with each other, so to improve the efficiency of absorption of nutrients, should try to exclude nutrients in the absorption is influenced by other factors. In the past, it is thought that the high phosphorus food will affect the absorption and loss of calcium, so most of the advanced formula milk powder to adjust the proportion of calcium and phosphorus, so that it is conducive to the retention of calcium. There is a strong competitive effect between inorganic iron and inorganic zinc. Calcium, iron, zinc are absorbed in the state of two valence ions, intestinal absorption, they will compete with each other, it is best not to take at the same time. 4, pay attention to avoid the influence of some factors such as diet and drugs containing oxalic acid and phytic acid in many vegetables.相关的主题文章: