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Korean War China garbage fans netizens praised South Korea to lose to win character – Sohu sports   September 3rd Beijing time news 2018 Russia World Cup Asian Zone final qualifier (12 match) A group of South Korean team to win 3-2 Chinese team. Known as "koreaphobia" Chinese team showed indomitable fighting spirit in the game, so that the Korean team in a state of panic before the whistle. After the game, a lot of South Korean fans are Tucao win also seems to lose the same unhappy match." The amazing and presence of nearly ten thousand fans after the game was Chinese changes, they pick up rubbish has become a topic of hot friends in Japan and South korea. The evening of 1, South Korea held in the opener, can accommodate about 66 thousand people in the audience "Korean football Shrine" Seoul World Cup stadium. The South Korean team in the first half after the end of that is leading to 1-0, the second half is to expand the score to 3-0, see victory in sight. But the Chinese team never give up, even pull two balls, lost to 2-3. Although unable to create a miracle to beat rival South Korea, but China players won the recognition of the outside world, South Korean media have evaluated this is the most thrilling in the history of Korean war. The new Chinese fans. After the game, the Chinese fans did not stand immediately, but consciously pick up the trash around the audience, this scene so that the stadium security also revealed a very surprised look. Korean media exposure after the news, many Korean netizens said: "not only is Chinese football, Chinese fans are in progress", "China fans are great, this kind of behavior like", "heart was shocked, thanks to the fans watching the scene China. You guys are awesome!" Some people refer to the behavior of some Chinese tourists in the absence of foreign etiquette: "if all Chinese people can do so," and "this behavior must not attack. Although the Chinese team lost the game, but did not lose the personality and etiquette, this game not only to see the hope of Chinese football, but also to the Chinese people see a bright future." Korean media pointed out that in fact this is not the China fans sorting the garbage was first exposed, in the domestic league last year and the January Asian Cup, had seen China fans carefully picking up trash figure in the game. This news in Japan also attracted attention. Many Japanese friends also commended this behavior: "Chinese fans also made progress, this behavior should be recognized," spit "this is not the deliberate imitation of Japanese fans move?! Ha ha ha." Some people said: "the original China is a model of Japan, Japan is to imitate the history and culture of China has today, to see the return of Chinese fans happy etiquette!" Many people worry: China’s economy has been more than Japan and South Korea, if the quality of the whole people are also promoted, it will be invincible." Some people point out that "the cleanliness of the stadium in South Korea is high, and Japanese fans have to be more polite." (Mai Yuan)相关的主题文章: