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"China eye" into a tourist favorite every day by tens of thousands of tourists tumbled in October 5th Chinese CNR network quoted the sound of "peak Evening News" reported, eleven golden week, Guizhou province is located in the state of Qiannan "astronomical town" Pingtang County of the world’s largest single aperture spherical radio telescope is a scenic area full of tourists, bring great challenges to the scenic bear force. Reporter the morning of October 4th came to the scenic, scenic area is the huge crowds of people. On the way to the 500 m diameter spherical radio telescope viewing platform security door has already lined up two more than 40 meters long. Some tourists even at 7 in the morning has been waiting here. Chinese made the world’s largest eye what kind? The ability of telescope can detect the Milky Way end tourists to take FAST photos until 4:30 in the afternoon in the viewing platform, tourist boom has not yet dispersed, though not sure whether the can on the day into the viewing platform, but still insist on waiting for tourists. Ms. Yun teeth from Guangxi, a long time ago that the world’s largest 500 m diameter spherical radio telescope Pingtang construction, deliberately taking advantage of the National Day holiday to catch up. Since September 25th, known as the "500 m diameter spherical radio telescope Chinese eye" was officially opened, more and more people want a glimpse of eye appearance. To ensure that the "eye" has received good radio signal environment, guarantee safe operation of Chinese eye "viewing platform, the implementation of traffic control and online booking scenic spots for tourists to visit. According to estimates, during the golden week into the "China eye" scenic tourists will reach more than 10000 people every day, and the viewing platform for 2000 visitors daily limit. However, only in October 1st this day, traffic will be achieved 800 hours, more than 10 thousand tourists, these days, tourists are much higher than the limited number of people, "Chinese eye" scenic spot already overloaded operations. To cope with the peak passenger flow, Pingtang County Traffic Police Department dispatched more than and 40 police vehicles 20 times, to ensure smooth road traffic. Pingtang County Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade four squadron leader Han Yufeng, in the National Day period, every two days by the state 3 counties of the 10 total 30 police reinforcements. Han Yufeng told reporters, "today there is no traffic jam thing, only a short traffic amble, between 12 and 1 o’clock at noon today, is the biggest point of peak traffic today, because the scenic parking lot reached saturation level, we advise to China in each eye of a scenic tourist persuasion the road traffic pressure, to slow down the scenic area." Pingtang County town grams degree of change of medical emergency, scenic areas are equipped with 3 medical, two ambulances, a total of more than 10 health care workers, health emergencies to tourists. Pingtang County Scenic Management Office Director Wu Jiafu introduced, according to the amount of tourist scenic area also respond in a timely manner to adjust, to ensure that visitors have a good tourist experience in the Chinese eye area. The first day of National Day into Chinese eye scenic tourist capacity is 12 thousand people. Increase of 5 vehicles, transport rate increased, enhanced the ability of the ferry. Two is the scientific planning of the region, adjust the line of route three is added to the driver, the driver shifts, to ensure that there is enough time to rest, do people Hugh car.相关的主题文章: