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China four of the space science and technology: two "magic weapon" to boost the long march five flying – Beijing Beijing in November 5 Xi’an Xinhua (Zhang Surong Yuan Zhao) "Long March five" first flew successfully, Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Group Four provides pushing rocket and hydrogen ignition device. 5 experts said, these two "magic weapon" to ensure that the core stage rocket separated successfully, eliminating a large number of low temperature hydrogen emission before the launch of the rocket. Four space experts said, "pushing the rocket" and the power device developed for the Rockets during the flight successfully achieve the core level and reliable separation between the core level two. Specifically, the rocket first stage after the end of the work, after receiving the separation instruction, pushing the rocket at the beginning of the ignition, produce thrust engine, realize the core level with the separation of rocket and ensure that the rocket scheduled in accordance with the procedures to complete the task. This "rocket rocket" is also used in the process of stage separation in core two propellant management mainly in the core level two, not before the ignition through 4 rockets are pushing ahead of time to work, have strong instantaneous thrust, the core two has positive acceleration, makes the movement to the bottom of the storage tank and the combustion is more sufficient, more reliable liquid propellant rocket force is more strong. Experts say the dual characteristics of pushing the rocket engine and has solid explosive four the offer, long working time, high reliability and environmental conditions are extremely harsh, is currently the largest Chinese rocket rocket body using pyrotechnics. "Long five" rocket is pushing with the largest amount of similar products products, from the source to solve the problem of design of product safety, to withstand the local high temperature and high humidity conditions, and subjected to mechanical environment in residential high impact, multi frequency vibration demanding. The propellant is also the first choice of low aluminum propellant, more environmentally friendly than the same engine. Another "magic weapon" is the hydrogen burning system ignition device, it ignited the rocket launch of the "first fire", completely eliminate the rocket emissions before the introduction of a large number of low temperature hydrogen. Experts said, "long five" core is used in liquid hydrogen propellant engine protection, before ignition to the launch platform around the environmental emissions of cryogenic hydrogen. The hydrogen gas is mixed with air to form combustible gas reaches a certain range of concentration, once the fire will produce static electricity or explosion or detonation, equipment and facilities not only damaged the launch site, and even lead to serious consequences of the star being ruined. The fourth bear developed ignition special effects of hydrogen elimination. Experts say, the product can work in hydrogen rocket engine before 2 to 3 seconds to ignite the rocket’s first fire, using high temperature, combustion produces high speed gas metal particle flow, the rocket will be discharged before the amount of hydrogen in the low temperature can not reach the lowest concentration before the explosion ignited and eliminate. Experts say the characteristics of hydrogen combustion system ignition device with high safety and high reliability, the better medicine safety, application of advanced control technology to ensure the accurate and punctual ignition of hydrogen. The device is designed with double protection, which can not only bear the high heat flow impact generated by the ignition of the launch vehicle, but also provide a more stable working ring for the normal operation of the device相关的主题文章: