China will take legend Okita Anri himself wanted to play Mai-yvette yates

China will take "legend" Okita Anri himself wanted to play Mai [Abstract]11 month 3 days, Beijing billion odd entertainment official micro-blog announced the dispatch, they have reached a strategic cooperation with the world’s leading game maker SNK SNK, authorized by the famous game "legend" live version of the television rights, authorized period of 5 years. Yi Qi entertainment said that in the next five years will work with the SNK of "legend" live version of the film and television works, then the wolf in KOF classic roles simultaneously: Terry, Mai, Andy, Marie and others will be to meet with the real image heavy "wolf" fans, heavy warm blood and former youth the. According to Yi Qi entertainment CEO tagawa, developed a series of odd billion will be the whole industry chain of "legend" of IP, including five consecutive launch season broadcast drama series, movie theaters, as well as with the live TV game and create derivative projects. This will be one of the most important projects in 2017. The news was released, Okita Anri teacher in micro-blog voice on the recommendation to star Mai, do not know whether the teacher chongtian get a chance like this, other aspects of acting not conclusive, teacher Okita Anri is certainly able to Mai’s "chest" to good show. At present, "legend" reality show has started the project, entered the preparatory phase, but the casting has not been announced, nor about the release date announced. Players can only slowly wait, I believe that soon will be able to see the drama.相关的主题文章: