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Chinese film industry promotion law through decentralization of power to review regulate market order – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing, November 7 (reporter Ma Haiyan Madelin) the twelve session of the twenty-fourth meeting of the NPC Standing Committee concluded in Beijing on the 7 day. The meeting voted 146 votes in favor, 1 votes against, 8 abstentions, adopted the film industry promotion act. The provisions of article thirteenth: legal persons and other organizations shall be filmed the movie script will outline film to the competent department under the State Council or the province, autonomous region, or municipality directly under the central government departments for the record the movie; involving major themes or national security, foreign affairs, ethnic and religious, military and other aspects of the subject should be in accordance with the relevant provisions the state will submit the examination script. Said the deputy director of the State Press and Publication Administration of radio Yan Xiaohong held in the office of the NPC Standing Committee’s press conference, including film review, record the screenplay and Film Festival (exhibition) held by a number of approval, the State Administration of radio and television the most in the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the press and publication. In order to prevent all over the management review and review the results of standard and grasp the scale is not the same, the film industry promotion law in the delegated approval authority at the same time, standardize the develop film examination standard and open procedures, the dispute case retrial clause is set in the eighteenth article of this law. Eighteenth provisions of the act: to conduct a review of the film should be organized by not less than five experts to be reviewed by the expert opinion. Where a legal person or any other organization disagrees with the opinions of the experts, the competent department in charge of the movie industry under the State Council or the competent department in charge of the movie of the people’s Government of a province, autonomous region or municipality directly under the central government may organize another expert review. The expert opinion shall be regarded as an important basis for making a decision. Wang Ruihe, director of the Legislative Affairs Committee of the NPC Standing Committee, said the law from the film’s creation, production, distribution, screening, etc., provides a number of administrative procedures. For example, the film review has established an expert review and re evaluation system, a clear film review standards, the next step in the relevant departments to review the specific standards and procedures to the public. In order to regulate the film market order, the law also stipulates: the film distribution companies, movie theaters and other manufacturing false trading, false concealed sales behavior, disrupt the market order of the film, the film correction by the competent departments of the people’s governments at or above the county level shall confiscate the illegal income, at fifty thousand yuan (RMB, same below) more than five hundred thousand yuan fine; the illegal income of more than five hundred thousand yuan, at more than five times the illegal income imposed. If the circumstances are serious, they shall be ordered to suspend business for rectification; if the circumstances are especially serious, the original license issuing organ shall revoke the license. This law has been implemented since March 1, 2017. (end)相关的主题文章: