Chinese Archaeology tells a good story on the international stage

Tell a good story Chinese archaeological culture original title in the international arena: China Archaeology in the international arena to tell a good story [mutual] go out? "Chinese China archaeological archaeological should have a world view." Song Xinchao, deputy director of the State Administration of cultural heritage and the Chinese Academy of archaeology, chairman of the board of directors, said in an interview, said the same words in a word, in an interview with the president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said Wang Wei. This view of the world, is a focus on the world cultural development, and is willing to contribute to the sense of responsibility, is a kind of cultural exchanges with other countries in the world are willing to learn from each other, to promote the progress of human civilization and world peace and development attitude. Look inward to outward from the test once Chinese eyes gaze at home, ignoring the process of academic development and even ignore international, and this narrow view undoubtedly restrict the development of China archaeology. Since 1980s, China began to have a number of cooperation projects with foreign countries, inviting foreign scholars and academic institutions to participate in the study of Chinese archaeology. Song Xinchao referred to this cooperation as a fast track for Chinese scholars to enter the international academic field". This "please come in" open China scholars, let them know to the development of World Archaeology, understanding the academic theory and research methods in the world, promoted to enhance the level of Chinese archaeology. Wang Wei said: "please come in, the Chinese archaeologists will quickly shorten the distance with the advanced countries." On the other hand, foreign scholars to participate in China’s projects, the Chinese culture has been studied. They are more convincing when they tell Chinese stories on the international stage". Song Dynasty fashion say. To 1990s, especially after twenty-first Century, there are China scholars spontaneously out of the country, introduced to the world situation and explore China archaeological development, the international academic arena began on a Chinese sound, but the sound is not big enough, until 2013 and 2015 China Academy of Social Sciences organized the "World Archaeology forum", changed the situation. The forum by the Chinese theme, and presided over the selection of the world’s major archaeological discoveries and research results. Each forum has hundreds of foreign experts and scholars to participate, so that they feel and understand the development and progress of Chinese archaeology. View from the periphery to the world with the economic and academic development, China archaeologists recognize only know they do not understand the limits of the world; to realize that only in comparison with other civilizations and mutual learning, in order to more clearly understand the commonness and individuality between human civilization; to realize that only the Chinese put down in the big view the pattern of world culture, can more clearly understand the characteristics and advantages of the Chinese civilization. So China began to cross the border. The first step is in neighboring countries. From South Vietnam, north of Mongolia, to Central Asia and Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, India, Kampuchea and other countries. Referring to the advantages of Chinese professional institutions in the neighboring countries to carry out archaeological work, Song Xinchao and Wang Wei have a consensus: first, similar geographical, historical and cultural inextricably linked. Chinese scholars have accumulated considerable information and experience in related fields. Second, after nearly a hundred years of development, China has accumulated a complete set of lines相关的主题文章: