Chinese diving team won millions of Wu Minxia, Chen Ruolin did not consider retirement-stellarium

Chinese diving team won the Wu Minxia Chen Ruolin award million did not consider the retired Beijing – Shanghai newspaper news (reporter Liu Ailin) the evening of September 5th, the national diving team official partner CHCEDO celebration for the diving team at the Shanghai Expo Center, announced that it will issue 1 million yuan bonus, to honor China diving team made at the Rio Olympics record. Two Olympic gold medalist Wu Minxia and Chen Ruolin have said that the matter has not been considered retirement, but also said that if necessary, she will adhere to the Olympic Games in Tokyo after four years of age, and then said that the Olympic Games will be held after the Olympic Games in. As a China diving team official partner of CHCEDO, in recent years has been on the diving team to give strong support in all aspects, the celebration of the 15 anniversary of the birth of coincides with its brand, for the national diving team in Rio won 7 gold 2 silver 1 copper the best record in the history, the company announced to give 1 million yuan reward. At the end of the ceremony, the most attention of the two Olympic hardware winner Wu Minxia and Chen Ruolin were interviewed by the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, the two did not make the decision to retire. Wu Minxia said: "I just want to have a good rest now, also did not consider whether the problem of retirement, has not decided whether to participate in the National Games next year, if you have a clear plan, I will tell you." 24 year old Chen Ruolin, said: "although the time is very long, but if the team needs, I will stick to the Tokyo Olympic Games in." In the Rio Olympic Games women’s 3 meter springboard final at the end of Qin Kai veteran to propose what posture scene was the world audiences, reporters also asked two people to take the opportunity to plan for the future, Qin Kai just said "the wedding has not been determined".相关的主题文章: