Chinese live Queen crazy suction Gold hold 5000 fans a monthly income of 40 thousand barcarolle

"Chinese live Queen" crazy suction Gold: hold 5000 fans earning 40 thousand Reference News Network September 29th U.S. media reported that AI media consulting data show that China online broadcast platform number more than 200, the increasing maturity of the network broadcast market size of about 9 billion yuan. According to the United States, "the Wall Street journal" website reported on September 27th, at midnight, when most people in a population of 6 million China central city to sleep, 21 year old female video anchor Cui Yunkai (sound) began to work. In 4 hours, she said hello to the fans in the name of "big Cui" and sang Chinese pop songs. Roses, love and applause, etc. from the live screen on the expression of the roll, there are fans commented "you sing well" and "great". Reported that the AI media consulting data show that the number of online live platform in China more than 200, the growing maturity of the webcast market size of about $9 billion. In the regulatory agencies competing for the establishment of a standardized platform for the broadcast at the same time, at least one university opened the network red professional. According to AI media consulting predicts that by the end of 2016, the number of live users will reach 312 million people, equivalent to half of China’s Internet users. In the mapping and Qiqi large passenger and Betta live application platform, fans in the live show similar large-scale online dating for the "live Queen" sent a large number of virtual gifts. For Cui Yunkai, 5 roses mean a gift of $13.4. Usually, the broadcast platform will deduct 50% of the Commission, the remaining income is divided by the anchor and their brokers. In the Qiqi broadcast platform, according to how much money, fans were marked with a different label, $7.50 can be "rich" of the title, has been to the $750 thousand "emperor". Cui Yunkai’s night work brings her a monthly income of 40 thousand yuan, more than 10 times the per capita monthly income in Henan. After just a few months of live, she was attracted to the 5000 self proclaimed Cui army fans, in August Qiqi live list of the top 70 thousand female anchor ranked in the top fifteenth. Her late night performance can attract as many as 1800 spectators. Cui Yunkai said: "at first, I live six or seven hours a day, sitting in front of the computer and chat with the audience. Sometimes I forget to eat." Reported that, although the parent company, Google’s YouTube claims to have more than 1 billion users, but its audience is not involved in the interaction. With the China online broadcast platform — basically is chat with the live video show, more similar to the "Twitter" under the "periscope" video broadcast network. The difference between China’s live website is that they directly to the fans money. Big companies are flocking to this area. In August this year, they said it had obtained by China Internet companies Tencent Inc led a $226 million investment and financing. Wang Jianlin, the son of China’s richest man, the entertainment giant Dalian Wanda Group Board of directors last year, Mr. Wang Sicong set up a live application platform panda TV. Alibaba group’s Youku potatoes video company launched in 2014 2相关的主题文章: