Chinese naval escort fleet sidelights the night of the mid autumn is the Gulf of Aden suspicious

Chinese naval escort fleet sidelights: mid autumn night now suspicious target Beijing Aden Gulf of Aden on 16 September, (Han Fengjun Zhang soar) Mid Autumn Festival, the Gulf of Aden, but raised the alert, the soldiers quickly rushed to put down the homesickness topic, each station. Later that day at 20:40, the reporters came to the cab. I saw the lookout more responsible for the alert of Liu Sheng carrying a gun, with night vision, be absorbed in watching the dark silent sea. At this time, the escort warships in the background of the moonlight, like a dragon ran forward. Suddenly, the port navigation radar report, 50 degrees, high speed small target speed of 30 knots, 3 miles from close to the I formation. At this time, the time is 20:50. "Ready to open the searchlight, to small target radiation alert." Officer Cui Mingbo is issued decisive radiation alert order. "Combat alert, level 1 anti piracy deployment!" The superior command of the Harbin captain Yu Tao decisively ordered. "Ring!" "Report ship command post!" Deputy District captain Sun Jirui for the first time to report the situation. Speed is the soldier’s asset。 Special combat team in accordance with the prior plan, divided into multiple combat groups, mixed with the formation of naval officers and soldiers, with uniform firepower, and soon completed the deployment of troops. Reporters in the driver’s room under the wrist watch: 20:53. After the deployment order, to the full position, less than 3 minutes. At the same time, the helicopter emergency library, launched the rotor, rapid maintenance preparation; aircrew, flight emergency command group set away from the action plan, the commandos armed and photorecorder forensic personnel for equipment, each link in an orderly, coherent. 10 minutes later, the tower report: "helicopter." Harbin ship out to drive away, Handan ship to maintain position, strengthen the observation of the warning." Formation commander Bai Yaoping field command. Reporters on the scene saw a suspicious boat to see my ship approaching, suddenly changed its course, the front line formation. At this time, not the reporter is expected, a single target from the previous 3, quickly becomes a speedboat, suddenly unexpectedly became one, concentrated to the right side pounced on the merchant fleet. Right full rudder! Two into four!" Harbin ship to the speedboat and the middle of the oblique crossing. "Port XX, fired two flares to the direction of the suspicious boat." Formation commander Bai Yaoping ordered. Two spark two flares formed above the cover in the boat, but the boat has no signs of slowing down. "Port of heavy machine gun barrage on the boat!" Fleet commander Bai Yaoping answers. Fire arresting rapid target boat struggling, quickly turn around to leave. "I suspect the boat quickly left the ship." Navigation radar report. In the dark night…… Into the three anti piracy deployment! At night the sea fishing vessels in the Gulf of Aden but be not at all surprising, and every fishing vessels behind a speedboat are likely smuggles". Escort journey, there are many emergency situations like this, every situation is a battle. Commander Bai Yaoping told reporters, the readiness rating turn into formation organization once again planned night exercises, the purpose is to let the soldiers at any time and under any circumstances, always maintain a good state of combat readiness, improve the rapid response and crisis handling ability.相关的主题文章: