Chinese network literature into popular film and television screenwriter revenue of over ten million-freyja

Chinese network literature into popular film and television screenwriter revenue of over ten million U.S. media said, "" this is a flower and bone had never been in a bookstore selling novels. In 2009 it was first published in a literary website, but the energy-saving is now one of the most successful brand Chinese. According to the U.S. "New York Times" reported on October 29th, the copyright in the novel four years ago sold about immortal men and women to kill each other and decreed by fate, in his love story, it has now become a licensed products, including video games, upcoming movies and a hit TV drama, the drama has become the first Chinese click more than 20 billion times the amount of TV drama. Reported that the drama from obscurity to pop, reflected a lot on the Internet only published work, a strong appetite for intellectual property prompted producers to search the Internet works. Intellectual property is one of the most popular terms China, intellectual property rights can be transferred and adapted into other forms. In the film, television and electronic game industry rapid development, in order to compete with the audience, the entertainment company looking for local intellectual property content quality. In order to find good work, managers have turned to a common source: movies and comic books, existing. But they are increasingly developing online a secluded corner: avoid the ink depends entirely on the intelligent mobile phone and the prosperity of the network literature, which includes the tomb, science fiction, fantasy, love and martial arts, now it has become a booming industry billions of dollars. "The author of" flower and bone is a 30 year old Jiang Chenzhou, she more network readers familiar with the name is Fresh, she said: "China network literature is full of good stories and intellectual property. On the Internet, you have created space. The expression of more space, fewer restrictions, less pressure." "I finished the novel in 2009, the market has just started a fire. Two years later, producers began to contact me, asked me if I wanted to adapt this story. Now everyone in the discussion of intellectual property rights." Reported that, in order to cater to the network management, books and websites in a relatively uncensored environment provides a number of proven characters and plots, some sites have tens of thousands of books. Chen Ming (sound) is a grand game product manager, before is the largest online literature website starting point network editor, he said: "the entertainment industry are more conservative. Create original fantasy is not own no danger of anything going wrong. But the market has proved that the adaptation of popular network literature can benefit greatly." The government report shows that there are 297 million people last year, accounting for 43% China Internet users who read the network literature, it has also become one of the ten major causes of Chinese last year on the internet. Reported that this popularity is due in part to the traditional publishing industry to keep the pacific. In contrast, Chinese network provides more free space. The writing content is usually process and interactive. We can not only see the readers’ comments, sometimes also respond. Reported that more and more Chinese to intellectual property sold to the entertainment company, before this and the network literature industry’s business model is not the same. Before, the grand literature focused on encouraging inquiry

中国网络文学成热门影视剧本 作者收入超千万美媒称,《花千骨》是一本从来没有进过书店售卖的小说。它于2009年首次发表在一家文学网站上,但这个玄幻仙侠小说现在是中国最成功的品牌之一。据美国《纽约时报》10月29日报道,这部小说的版权于四年前出售,讲述了男女神仙命中注定要杀死彼此,并在后世相爱的故事,它现在成为了一种特许产品,包括电子游戏、即将推出的电影和一部热播电视剧,该剧成为中国第一部点击量超过200亿次的电视剧。报道称,该剧从籍籍无名到流行,反映了很多只在网上发表的作品的情况,对知识产权的强烈胃口促使制作人到网上搜索作品。知识产权是中国最流行的术语之一,知识产权是可以转让及改编成其他形式的。该国电影、电视和电子游戏产业迅速发展,为了竞争观众,娱乐公司到处寻找高品质的本土知识产权内容。为了找到好的作品,管理人员们转向了常见的来源:书籍、现有的电影和漫画。不过他们越来越多地开发网上一个与世隔绝的角落:避开笔墨完全依赖智能手机而繁荣的网络文学,其内容包括盗墓、科幻、玄幻、爱情和武侠,现在这已经成为了蓬勃发展的数十亿美元的产业。《花千骨》的作者是30岁的江晨舟,她更广为网络读者熟知的网名是Fresh果果,她表示:“中国网络文学充满了好的故事和知识产权。在网上,你有创作空间。更多表达的空间,更少限制,更少压力。”“我在2009年完成这部小说时,内容市场刚刚开始火起来。两年后,制作人开始接触我,问我想不想改编这个故事。现在所有人都在讨论知识产权。”报道称,为了迎合管理人员,网络书籍网站在相对没有审查的环境下提供了一批经过市场验证的人物和情节,有些网站拥有成千上万本书。陈明(音)是盛大游戏产品部经理,以前是最大网络文学网站起点网的编辑,他说:“整个娱乐行业都比较保守。打造自己的原创玄幻内容并非万无一失。但是市场已经证明,改编热门网络文学可获得很大收益。”政府报告显示,去年有2.97亿人次——占中国网络用户的43%——曾阅读过网络文学,这也成为中国人去年上网的十大原因之一。报道称,这种受欢迎程度部分是由于传统出版行业太保守了。与此相对的是,中国的网络提供了更加随心所欲的空间。写作这种内容通常是和读者互动的过程。作者不仅能看到读者的评论,有时还能做出回应。报道称,中国越来越多出现把知识产权出售给娱乐公司的情况,这与网络文学行业之前的商业模式并不相同。以前盛大文学等大公司专注于鼓励业余作家与出版商协商出版合同,并向读者收取订阅费。幸运的巧合是,知识产权销售收入的增加也有助于弥补盗版造成的收入损失,在中国,盗版依然是网络出版平台上一个显著的问题。作者也因此获益了。江晨舟估计,她通过出售《花千骨》的各种版权收入了150万美元。《中国日报》报道称,去年张威,即“唐家三少”的收入为1680万美元,成为中国最富有的网络作家。(参考消息网) 免费咨询相关的主题文章: