Chinese scientists create a new world record for quantum secure communications drop dead diva

Chinese scientists create quantum secret communication new world record Star News (reporter Yu Caili) market star, Anhui financial network reporter learned from USTC, the day before, Pan Jianwei of the University of Science and Technology of China and colleagues Zhang Qiang, Chen Tengyun, Wang Xiangbin and partners with Tsinghua University Shanghai Institute of microsystem, Ji’nan quantum Technology Research Institute and other scientific research personnel. For the first time measuring equipment more than 400 kilometers from the quantum hackers in the world regardless of quantum key distribution, which greatly promoted the development of both the safety and utility of long-distance fiber quantum communication. Quantum key distribution can provide unconditionally secure shared key for both users. From 1984 the first distribution protocol of quantum key (BB84 protocol) has been proposed, to increase the security of communication distance, improve the safety rate and improve the security reality system is to develop a practical quantum key distribution is the three most important goals. In recent years, Chinese, Pan Jianwei’s team studied the originality on the above three goals, made a series of international leading achievements: in 2013, the first in the world to achieve quantum key distribution measurement device independent, completely solve all the detection system of the hacker attacks, was selected as the 2013 annual American Physical Society the international physics major progress; 2014, will measure the quantum key distribution device independent communication distance is extended to 200 km, to create a new world record; 2016, and the first in the world to achieve based on non trusted relay quantum key distribution network. However, the security of these experiments is low, which limits the practical application of the technology. To solve this problem, the Wang Xiangbin group of Tsinghua University proposed the theory of 4 strength optimization, which can greatly improve the safe bit rate and safe distance. The theoretical analysis shows that the proposed method can increase the bit rate by nearly two orders of magnitude under typical experimental conditions, thus greatly improving the practical level. In 2016, Pan Jianwei group for further development and stability by two-photon interference technique and long time stability of the system, adopts the theoretical method of Professor Wang Xiangbin development, combined with Shanghai micro system researcher Li Xing you developed a high efficiency low noise superconducting nanowire single photon detector, successfully measuring device independent quantum key distribution secure transmission record to expand to 404 ultra low loss fiber km and 311 km distance to create a common optical fiber, optical fiber transmission distance of the new world record. It is worth noting that, in the same realistic conditions, even if the perfect single photon source is used, the BB84 protocol can not be implemented on such a long distance. The experiment in the safety rate is 207 kilometers more than 200 km in 2014 increased by 500 times in the experiment; 102 kilometers safety rate has been sufficient to ensure the safety of the voice, which proves the practicability of measuring device independent quantum key distribution. The results of the November 2nd international physics journals published in the Physical Review Letters ", the reviewer spoke highly of it" is an outstanding achievement "," breaking the BB84 protocol for single photon source transmission ultimate limit".相关的主题文章: