Chinese tourists scared silly fishermen – Sohu news in Italy under the sea urchin in raw-vidown

Chinese tourists in Italy under the sea urchin in raw – Sohu news, scared silly fisherman uncle fishing of sea urchin. (Hongkong "Economic Daily" website) reference news network October 29th Hong Kong media reported that mainland tourists to blame for. A group of five villages visited Italy National Park coast in the mainland tourists day ago, found a large number of sea urchins, clear water, some people actually directly into the sea fishing, even where Aunt field with stones struck and broken shell raw sea urchin meat. The presence of the Italians, stunned. According to Hongkong’s "Economic Daily" website on October 28th citing Taiwan TVBS reports, a small fishing village originally leisurely, suddenly a loud noise, a group of Asian tourists in a circle to clear water exclaiming "sea urchin", "good fresh! This way, this way ". They are China mainland tourists see appeared in the sea urchin, jumped out of the sea to capture directly without demur. The side of Italy fishermen want to stop, to guide said that the sea urchin is too small, can not catch; but did not stop the aunt uncle who might, a diving splash, sea urchin picked up on the front of the lens to take pictures, photo finish, aunt actually picked up stones, skillfully to sea urchin pounding is to kill". Reported that the number of tourists noisy, local sea urchin sashimi, eat Italian side to dissatisfaction with the eyes, foreign tourists have stopped to watch, even the fisherman exaggerated behavior scared silly. Even the netizen said that "the original poetic place, now only sigh".相关的主题文章: