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"Clear sky academy" subtitle group two members caught the future of how to get the translation groups? – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on September 30th news (reporter intern reporter Zhang Ziyu Wu Yunqi) according to voice of the economy, the "world" reported that in the anime fans, many people have various subtitle groups of domestic familiar, in which the "clear sky garden" is a well-known subtitles group. Just yesterday, "two members of clear sky academy" caption group was arrested by the police in japan. According to Japanese media reports, the arrest of two members are Chinese, one of which is a staff member of the age of more than and 30, while the other is a student of the age of 20. According to the police investigation, during the year 7 to August, broadcast on television to a few hours, two people will be equipped with Chinese subtitles "dust" and "LuanWu Arslan Senki" it’s two magical girl anime, illegally uploaded to the Internet users to share, suspected of violating the "copyright law" in japan. After the event, the "clear sky academy" subtitle group released micro-blog said, "thank you for your concern, do not pass so. The situation is likely to be affected next month, please understand." In this micro-blog comments, some netizens said, from the perspective of intellectual property, it should be punished, but as an anime fans, this is very sad. It is worth noting that this is the first time a member of the Chinese subtitles group was arrested in japan. However, there have been some people in Japan to scan comics magazine uploaded to the Internet, so the arrest and prosecution of things happen. Beijing Jincheng Tongda law firm senior partner Wang Yong said, this two subtitles group members of the practice is a violation of the law, if the circumstances are serious, there may be a crime. Wang Yong: this case happened in Japan, it must be in accordance with the laws of Japan to understand this behavior. According to our understanding of the copyright law of Japan, the behavior of the subtitle group is definitely the right to copy the copyright owner of the cartoon film, the right to propagate the information network and even the right to interpret. Because it is the Japanese film language is translated into Chinese, to the audience to provide China, this certainly violated copyright in Japan to grant copyright person rights. So I think it’s a crime if it’s really serious. So, there are some subtitles group, only the production of subtitles file, but do not upload the video content, such as this practice, whether it is legitimate? Wang Yong believes that such behavior may also be suspected of infringement. Wang Yong: if it is only in the copyright owner to operate their own or authorized to operate on the video website to add subtitles, this is not infringement. But you don’t have permission from the copyright owner to download it and put it on the Internet to spread it. How is the subtitle group developed? As early as 2002, American TV series "Friends" popular network, then fans gathered in the forum to discuss, and derived the first batch of caption group. Before and after 2006, the subtitle group into the mainstream media vision, looks quite god.相关的主题文章: