Code two round hit hot lead story unusual way to go (video) aptana studio

"Code" two round hit hot lead story do not take the unusual way "code" Qiao Renliang premiere spy revolution rookie searched organization of Tencent entertainment spy war drama "code" is 19:30 per night in Shaanxi TV prime time hit in the two round. With a deep memory of Qiao Renliang, the audience is very concerned about the two round of the play broadcast. In addition to Qiao Renliang and Zu Feng play bone plus meat collocation, do not take the unusual way of story settings, comedy elements from time to time in the drama tensions also fueled widespread discussion, have said at 99 and brother-in-law bicker both funny but also good love, 99 and sister and brother-in-law three is a play, see good fun. The lens language appeal crafted boutique "code" in the production of sophisticated, clothing aspects are very sophisticated and changeable lens language also increases the sense of drama picture. Zheng Dasheng, director of the film in the "code", the composition of the fine, pay attention to the presentation of the screen and multi-level expression of the inner feelings of the people, in the design and expression of the lens can be said to be very careful. Such as Qiao Renliang’s Feng Jiusi and Lv Xingchen’s view of the design of hospital across the Yao Lanqing fine screen spy on each other, just as in the small coke blue finished threatening blue backlight after the father walked out of the door, leaving only light and exquisite design elongated shadow, deepen the expression picture details and their inner feelings of charm. Clear lens, elegant light, rich texture of the tone from the details, express a whole series of quality. "Code" relaxation has fascinating look both good friends shouted "code" plot and character, while maintaining the Spy Drama strong plot basis, also create a unique character is gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory. To ease the tense and exciting story, full of character, the play also joined the many elements of comedy, frequently by netizens laugh with tears, look good. Such as in the Smith family Feng Jiusi played with Zhou Xiaocun Zhang Heng, Zu Feng’s Feng Sumei food chain relationship, whether it is brother and brother-in-law bicker, or spoiled sister brother-in-law in provocative brother-in-law picture, always laughing. There’s inspector Song Yuanqiao Renlong, jumped out of his mouth from time to time to save people English words and character, make character full of humorous color, in stark contrast to the tense atmosphere and fighting danger and suspense everywhere, let the whole play a degree of relaxation, with delight, fascinating. The play by the Dongyang green rain media produced by Limited by Share Ltd, the dragon is adapted from the novel of the same name, Zhang Hongzhen served as producer, producer Zhang Wei, Matt Zheng Dasheng served as screenwriter, director, producer, Qiao Renliang, Zhang Heng, Lv Xingchen, Zu Feng and many other powerful idol actors co starred in Shaanxi TV every night, 19:30 two free, best not to be miss.相关的主题文章: