Composite directed by Chen Chang master boot – studded entertainment

"Composite master" director Chen Chang’s star studded boot – Sohu entertainment director Chen Chang   the day before, directed by famous director Chen Chang featuring producer Yu Baimei annual comedy "when city comedy break master met in Beijing, the official start of composite master". This gathered Jia Nailiang, Deng Chao, Chen He, Wang Xiaochen, Dai Lele, Yan Ni, Zhang Chao and other super star lineup since the beginning of the preparations for drama already tempt the appetite of the audience, as the representative of the new generation director Chen Chang is able to accurately grasp the needs of the young audience, a collection of high value, high intelligence, high Yan the professional degree of "three high drama" in front of the audience. When breaking up the master met the master as a "break up masters" series of works, self prepared at the beginning of wide concern. In 2010, Chen Chang had the identity of the director will break up the master moved onto the stage. More with Yu Baimei, Deng Chao had a number of cooperation tacit understanding. Another bright spot is that the film is Jia Nailiang and Deng Chaoji in 2006, women do not cry after the re cooperation, can be described as full of things. Director Chen Chang has directed the TV series "Youth", "synchronized diving day", "bright Ming apartment", "wedding match with Miss delicious gentleman" and many other movies and television, many episodes have achieved good ratings, the city became the vane of idol drama. Join the high yen value star strength, perfect fashion and humorous elements fusion, makes shooting out of the plots with more modern elements, the icing on the cake.   相关的主题文章: