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Crazy night thief "saolou" special tool – burglary Beijing         Sheng Houjie and garden theft case cracked 3 suspects arrested         Guangzhou daily news (reporter Liu Manyuan correspondent Zhu Mu, Xuan Gong thick in September this year, Houjie Town) and Sheng garden series occurrence of multiple burglaries, the case has brought the serious influence to the owners of residential life and property safety. After 1 months of investigation, 4 this month, the police went to Jiangsu Kunshan City, one of the 3 suspects, Mouzun Qin Yan a surge, Tanmou arrested the.         at present, the case is under further investigation.         the victim up rear known stolen         in September this year, Houjie town Sheng garden and the spate of burglary incidents. Some of the victims after getting up in the morning and found mobile phone jewelry, cash and other valuables in the home, such as window guardrail take wings to itself, has obvious pry marks.         after the incident, Houjie Public Security Bureau set up a task force to carry out detective work. Task Force Police scene investigation found that the case of criminal suspects who have a strong sense of anti investigation, leaving traces of evidence in the field is not much, to bring difficulties to the investigation.         "where does the crime suspect come from? Where did they run away? It is impossible to evaporate." Task Force Police Fang Qingliang said that the task force decided to expand the search area, view video surveillance of the nearby sections. Soon, the task force to lock up a criminal gang composed of 5 people, and after a comprehensive analysis, to determine the number of cases of burglary occurred in the garden and Sheng should be the same gang.         subsequently, the task force quickly brought the information to the relevant departments of the Dongguan Municipal Public Security Bureau to assist. With the help of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the success of the lock 3 Guangxi gang members. And intelligence, the gang had fled to the Jiangsu area of Kunshan city.         often lax management district of crime         November 2nd, police task force went to Jiangsu Kunshan City, with the assistance of local police, the ad hoc group is likely to suspect settled Internet cafes, hotels, hotels and other places carried out a detailed investigation.         in November 4th, the police task force found a red car in the parking lot of a hotel in Kunshan City, vehicle crime suspected suspects, and follow it successfully locked the suspect foothold.         locked the suspect foothold, Houjie and Kunshan police to attack, the success of the 3 members of the gang Tan Mouzun (male, 19 years old.相关的主题文章: