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Wine-Spirits If you are searching for information about crystal champagne, you have found the right page. In this article, we are going to discuss about why is crystal champagne different from many other top brands and how to treasure it. We will cover topics such as background, preparation, crystal champagne flutes, suitable moments to toast it and with what foods. Crystal champagne is a brand of Louis Roederer. In the 19th century, Russias Royal family demanded an exclusive fine champagne production. Before the production began, the Tsar feared assassination and asked for a transparent champagne bottle, so he could look through it and see inside of it. Since then, crystal champagne bottles are been made with a flat crystal bottom, hence the name. It is a white champagne .posed of equal blend of Pinot Noir grapes and Chardonnay with a maturation of at least six yrs. It became .mercially available in 1945 and today, is renowned for being one of the first prestige cuvee (the best quality wines). What’s the crystal champagne price? A standard bottle costs between $300 to $1000. In a store, a standard bottle costs $300 – $350 while in a restaurant it can go up to more than $1000 per bottle, but pricing is different depending on the year of the vintage. However, if you are looking for the best price, you can get it online. Louis Roederer also produces rose Crystal, or the pink Crystal Champagne. To get its color, more red wine is being added so it contains a higher percentage of pinot noir. The prices for rose vary between $400 to $800. Louis Roederer produces almost 400,000 Crystal champagne bottles per year. When and how we drink crystal champagne. It is a luxury champagne, so it is perfect for celebrating great moments of your life. Being perfect for celebrating career achievements, Crystal is also a fantastic drink at a wedding party, New Years Even, a birthday party, and even for your regular weekend parties. The way you drink it, is another important subject. Crystal champagne flutes are similar to the white wine glasses, only they are narrower to prevent the bubbles from getting away. When youre ready with the stemware, you should toast it with certain foods. The most flavorful .bination is to drink it while serving lobsters and oysters. Crystal champagne has been, is and will always be among the best champagnes ever. To conclude, for savoring the crystal at it’s peak, use proper crystal champagne flutes and toast it with good food, while buying it at a great crystal champagne price. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: