Ctrip hundreds of alleged unreasonable low price of travel products-crycry

Ctrip launched hundreds of suspected low price travel products, the reporter learned from Ctrip, Ctrip has been active off the shelf more than 100 suspected unreasonable low price of tourism products. At the same time, the future Ctrip platform system through the automatic calculation of price alert against unreasonable price, under the plane and return processing will be given for the serious damage to the interests of tourists products and suppliers. Recently, the National Tourism Administration launched a nationwide "unreasonable low price tour" special rectification action, requiring travel agencies to carry out self-examination and self purification on suspected "unreasonable low price tour" products, and set up a deadline. Ctrip Travel relevant responsible person said, according to the more than 10000 travel agencies in the sale of platform products, Ctrip has been upgraded platform system rules, rely on big data to the destination, the same period in the history of the price as a reference, combined with the real time market conditions, the system automatically calculate the warning of unreasonably low price, making products so that prompt or prohibit. At the same time, the system will automatically monitor millions of products schedule price, abnormally low, the system automatically issued a warning to relevant operational personnel audit process. In addition, in the process of the rules, for fictitious prices induce consumers booking product, and then forced the guests at their own expense, or increase the guests shopping, at their own expense, to extend the residence time, once found products under the framework of rectification and accountability related liability, even repaying suppliers.

携程下架百余条涉嫌不合理低价游产品记者从携程获悉,目前携程已主动下架100多条涉嫌不合理低价的旅游产品。同时,未来携程平台系统会通过自动计算“警示价”打击不合理低价,对于严重损害旅游者利益的产品和供应商将给予下架、清退等处理。 近日,国家旅游局在全国范围内开展“不合理低价游”专项整治行动,要求旅行社对涉嫌“不合理低价游”产品开展自查自清,限期下架。携程旅游相关负责人表示,针对在平台上售卖产品的10000多家旅行社,携程旅游已升级平台系统规则,依靠大数据,以目的地历史同期售价作为参考,结合实时市场情况,系统自动计算警示价格,对不合理低价产品制作时做到提示或禁止。同时,系统会自动监测上千万的产品班期价格,出现非正常的低价时,系统自动发出预警,转相关运营人员进行审核处理。此外,在流程规则上,对于以虚构价格诱导消费者预订产品,然后强制客人购物、自费或增加客人购物、自费,延长停留时间,一旦发现做产品下架整改、追究相关赔偿责任,甚至清退供应商。相关的主题文章: