Cui Shunshi arranged for suspected counterpart real channeling into plants President Park Geun hye-candy boy

Cui Shunshi arranged for suspected counterpart real channeling into plants President Park Geun Hye Beijing on 1 November, in the past week, Chong Wa Dae of Korea presidential palace, Pu Jinhui seemingly helpless. South Korea into deep anger and despair. This "Cui Shunshi" cronies meddling Korean version of "house of cards" story of ups and downs. In the picture, "bestie" Cui Shunshi returned to accept the procuratorate for examination; screen, government and political infighting, South Korea’s future whirling. Screen, South Korean media reported Cui Shunshi Seoul time on October 31st at 3 p.m.". Reporters and protesters in Seoul supervision department was packed, Cui Shunshi shoe is squeezed out, the man threw dirt towards her. Cui Shun practical hand cover his face, the microphone to reporters, said: I have committed the crime of sin, apologize to the people, ask for forgiveness". South Korean public opinion commented that Cui Shunshi arrived in South Korea in October 30th, 31 days before the examination, which in the middle of the 31 hours, who knows where she is? Cui was arranged or questioned "to channeling for real". South Korean media from September onwards began reporting two public fund fraud insider, but the South Korean government has denied the relevant reports, Pu Jinhui lashed out at the "tattle and prate". But in the end the rumors are that, South Korean JTBC television announced Cui Shunshi personal computer evidence. The face of irrefutable evidence, Pu Jinhui had to publicly apologize to the people, its credibility rapidly dropped to the freezing point, the South Korean people’s anger was quickly ignited. "Sinner" Cui Shunshi suspected of corruption and politics two counts. Corruption is involved in the creation and financing of the Mir consortium and the K sports consortium. Before Chong Wa Dae policy adjustment Chief Secretary An Zhongfan accused involved in this incident, has been sacked and banned from travelling abroad. Two is dry governance, without any public office can be reviewed in advance of the Chong Wa Dae document. The legal profession believes that Cui Shunshi was or will be arrested on suspicion of embezzlement and tax evasion, violation of the Presidential Records Management Law, foreign exchange trading law and so on. But Cui Shunshi continued to deny that day, said the tablet is not my". Previously, Cui Shunshi around the "Reds", allegedly helped Cui money Gao Yongtai also said the prosecution "tablet computer is not mine". So, who does the computer belong to? Puzzle to be solved. South Korean police said, does not rule out the arrest of Cui Shunshi. The lack of justice and credibility of the South Korean prosecutors in the trial of Cui Shunshi, can let anger of the Korean people satisfaction, worthy of attention. The picture is political infighting and interest differentiation. The first is a cabinet shake up. Park Geun Hye October 30th accepted the Secretary Li Yuanzhong, director of policy adjustment, Chief Secretary Ann Zhongfan Chief Secretary Kim in the original, the Chief Secretary of civil affairs Yu Bingyu, Chief Secretary of the communique the resignation of Jin Shengyu, a South Korean media comment, park Geun hye move the equivalent of "broken hands", a no confidence "plant president". Bestie returned for trial, the secretary team did not shake, the invisible hand, friends fans are left empty, Chong Wa Dae. Pu Jinhui a person depressed thinking, as in "the need to decide on what path to follow, neutral cabinet system" and "responsibility system in the interests of the prime minister" maximum minimum loss 8相关的主题文章: