Dad show too spicy small eyes long johns liangzai tone of adorable milk winavi video converter

"Dad" show too spicy small eyes long johns liangzai sound of Sina entertainment adorable milk mango TV "Daddy where four" first station in Kanas to Xinjiang tonight 20:00 warm heart staged, Cai Guoqing Qing Qing and his son, Tian Liang [micro-blog] small liangzai [micro-blog] Anji Sha Yi and his son, father and son, "the father of practice Dong Li, Zhang Lunshuo," our adorable baby koala, Cui Yahan, Li Yihang and other 12 guests opened the first station in Xinjiang Kanas family travel bahaba village. Village head Li Rui [micro-blog] to the father arranged a very challenging project, 6 star dad to fight for love, while the performance of Meng Bao is even more unexpected, intern father and native father PK war also kicked off. This season to rob the house Style Xinjiang house VS nouveau riche adorable baby daddy and humble cowshed first came to the beautiful North Xinjiang first village — baihaba village, rich Xinjiang beautiful scenery, and full of rich ethnic customs. This season is the continuation of the previous wonderful link "grab the house", through the parent-child interactive games won their respective destination program group arrangement house is magnificent, perfect facilities and very amorous feelings of the nouveau riche house, also has a simple dark, filled with the smell of the bullpen, facing such a challenging arrangement, dear daddy is mustering the strength for luxury baby. As the "old driver" Tian Liang can give priority to the small bright young rob luxury? Male god father spicy eyes "long johns show" Qing Wang Qingcheng debut this season to join the new God dads are very eye-catching lineup, "Dad" full of gas, but dad didn’t think in the first phase of the program will face a severe test of various. It is reported that the first set of dads will be staged "long johns catwalk, peppery eye five stars index. In the link set, this season is still a continuation of "cheating" strategy, whether it is to jump or blindfolded noodles, dad who God image was a grim challenge, while the baby is in a variety of "cheating" in joy constantly. Program recording also broke the news again and again, Cai Guoqing will show his mysterious identity 30 years ago in the program, in order to challenge the limits of the son of Sha Yi will be staged tear instant. Arale funny elves talent coffee liangzai small milk of all this season sounds adorable 6 small adorable baby have supernatural powers, launched at the beginning it attracted attention, positive in baby adorable state filling, skill talent outbreak, performance frequently surprise. Arale Cui Yahan in the recording of improvisation, talent outbreak, funny elves and serious look pleasing; Tian Liang Aiko liangzai soft adorable appearance, he is not only clever sensible appearance and "strange" like a sister Sen dish, even small milk is sound with her sister as "old driver as like as two peas." father Tian Liang, is known to help son command work, Meng Xiao Liang Zi has become the father of a good helper; Cai Guoqing Jiabao Bei Qingqing became the most lively season to join the new king, the son of Sha Yi’s dad funny Anji audience, the two become this season "funny play". Meng baby personality different practice father and native father with a big baby PK leave the mother’s father who can get it? Cai Guoqing encountered in emergency room during Qing Qing son crying for "will coax son" he will be successful, to appease the child.相关的主题文章: