Deyang people drive to work in the car before continuous variable road accident xianniang (map) (vid borderland

Deyang people drive to work in the car before continuous variable road accident xianniang (map) the morning of September 20th, Deyang (micro-blog) Mr. Lai people drive to work, passing through the Yangtze River Road, next to a car suddenly change lanes, Mr. Lai immediately kick Jicha, but fortunately did not cause the accident near misses. By the tachograph Lai that day at 7:44 in the morning, Mr. Lai drove from east to West in the Yangtze River Road to Jinghu hotel entrance, a white car suddenly change lanes turn into Lai lane, Mr Lai car nearly hit the tail of the white car, Mr. Lai on the side the brakes, side horn, white car and fast speed, continuous variable right three lanes, and then disappeared in the rain. After the event, thanks to his quick response. As the saying goes, a car accident in the tiger, once a car accident, will give themselves and their families and even others bring harm and pain. Right now into the fall, frequent rainfall, in such weather, driving the car should pay attention to what? First of all, if it is rainy slippery ground, will greatly decrease the friction between the tire and the ground, it is easy to slip, so not the brakes in the corner when, should advance "Diancha" slow down, then into the corner. Second, when the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car is larger, the windshield is easy to condensation fog, blocking the line of sight, at this time, to open the air conditioner, with the cold wind to the windshield fast fog. Third, encountered stagnant water, low speed straight line slow, do not arbitrarily stop, when the water depth is not clear, do not blindly forward. Fourth, some drivers had just finished washing the car it rains, encounter puddles on emergency avoidance intention to avoid the pursuit direction puddle, it’s easy to cause the rear end or rub. We also remind you, please be careful driving the car on the road, put safety first, to go home. Deyang radio and television reporter Intern Wang Pengfei Liu Liu even into the editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for the extended reading car to change the driver and rear road rage相关的主题文章: