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Buy a turbo car do not understand maintenance too awkward? 1 minutes to help you unlock the correct posture – Sohu automobile Sohu [distance headlamp] many years ago, the domestic auto market has been basically a naturally aspirated engine of the world, when the car is still not completely universal, in the era of "self absorption to the world" seems to say it is not a thing. The Chinese people the true meaning of extensive contact turbo models are equipped with a 1.8T EA113 engine of Audi 200, from that time began to start the turbine models sounded the clarion counterattack, with "T" to represent the general trend seems to be. Of course, the future trend of self-priming turbine and that we do not discuss here, you can drink wine, Lu root skewers children, look at our previous column "T go into the mainstream? Turbine miniaturization era or the full advent. Then, you can on hero, then get the sauce yibingding all envy! The turbine car relatively has its own unique advantages, it accelerated the explosive and persistent more prominent, and in due by exhaust gas driven compressor to realize the pressurization of intake, so the whole process will not have the power loss. But you think that buying a car can swing a variety of small turbo monster? NONONO, if you do not pay attention to these points, is to give you 6.0T good. And also it is like we often say "everything is money". So we say here in the end what is the wind, is the pain point of the turbine engine. If you can well avoid the turbo cars using taboo and timely maintenance, so small turbine is not sustained outbreak of high energy Arabian Nights. Not do not pay attention to regularly check the condition due to the structure of turbocharged engine is more complex than the naturally aspirated engine, so it is the probability of failure should be slightly higher than the self absorption. Therefore, we should pay special attention to the daily driving, if the use of some unusual circumstances, such as accelerated weakness, excessive oil consumption, etc., be sure to check as soon as possible. In addition, we also need to regularly check the engine to ensure that the turbine engine health and normal operation. With high grade oil, appropriate to shorten the maintenance cycle (oil use do not pay attention to not pay attention to the maintenance period) we know the working principle of turbo engine exhaust gas is discharged to rely on compressor inlet compression, then exhaust temperature just discharged from the engine cylinder is very high, generally as high as 600 degrees Celsius, under high load conditions can even reach 1000 degrees and more, so it is particularly important, high grade oil, for example, specifically for the turbocharged engine equipped with GF-5 grade oil. A lot of cars with T models more or less met the case of burning oil, but I do not know there is no time to replace the oil or the use of inferior oil is also a major cause of burning oil. The utility model can cause the main rotating shaft of the floating turbine to be unable to be normally lubricated and cooled, and the seal between the turbocharger and the air inlet pipe is damaged at high temperature, thus causing the oil leakage. In order to avoid improper use of oil turbine fault!相关的主题文章: