Do not over the top bonsai of all the police to enhance the combat effectiveness of training-pigeon blood

Do not over the top "bonsai" of all the police training to enhance the combat effectiveness of the Luoyang Municipal Public Security Bureau xuntejing show "protection and control skills" – on injury cases on-site disposal "commandos anti-terrorism disposal training Washington (reporter Jing Chun ran Wen reporter Intern Wang Yimeng Xiao Botu Ning) on November 12th to 14, the province’s 18 provincial cities, 10 counties and provincial high-speed traffic police corps, the Public Security Bureau of Zhongyuan Oilfield, a total of 30 teams, 378 teams of police at the Henan Police Academy to compete on the same field, in the province’s public security organs" five Board "contest activities. On the spot, the Zhengzhou Public Security Bureau and the Luoyang Municipal Public Security Bureau carried out a drill on the spot disposal of the injury case. "Put down your stick, back, put down the stick."……" Received a "madman" and "armed madman" and other high-risk groups of suspects armed mad to hurt onlookers alarm, 3 police quickly carry police rushed to the scene disposal. The suspect shouted, "you are the root onion", attacking the police shield, in the case of oral suppression invalid, the police team using shield protection, long batons combination tactics, quickly suspect control. The so-called "five meetings and one energy" is to strengthen the basic police skills, to do "interrogation, disposal, custody, vigilance, protection, can win."". It is reported that the director of conscientiously implement the Provincial Committee and vice governor Xu Ganlu, the Provincial Public Security Bureau on the rank of police to achieve the "five a" requirements, and actively promote the fighting capacity of doubling plan, since July, two public security organs in the city and county organized a total of more than 590 five will be a "combat training class more than 42600 passengers, police training, training courses, training the police more than last year’s annual training, specific training, combat and practicality has also been greatly improved. To participate in the contest of the Zhengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau police Wang Bin said: "the competition project settings covering all the police daily alarming, contest for improving our standardization of law enforcement and law enforcement level has a great help." Provincial Public Security Bureau Party committee members, political department director Gao Vientiane said that the contest content close to practical combat, whether it is basic subjects or actual subjects, are based on the grassroots line of law enforcement practice. It is understood that the tournament personnel are randomly selected, not the top do not do "bonsai", locking all over the country to produce 20% "long" police and a certain proportion of female police to participate in the contest. The five actual subjects of the competition all adopt the way of simulating actual combat police situation, pay attention to assess the police’s on-the-spot disposition ability, and make the utmost close to the actual combat. High Vientiane for the next step, the provincial public security organs adhere to the actual combat, lead precise training, continue to enhance the actual combat training ability and level put forward three requirements. We should focus on the work of the public security center, keep abreast of the situation, tasks, development and change, highlight the key points of training, and further enhance the pertinence of the training work. We should actively innovate group training methods, teaching methods and teaching methods to further enhance the combat effectiveness of training work, and enhance the effectiveness of actual combat training. To strengthen the construction of instructors, to enhance the ability of new curriculum research and actual combat training, and comprehensively enhance the level of Combat Oriented Teaching and training. Adhere to the direction of standardization and professionalism, strengthen the actual combat training of public security organs, and strive to build a)

不比尖子不做“盆景” 全警练兵提升战斗力▲洛阳市公安局的巡特警展示“防护、控制技能”▲对伤害案件现场处置▲突击队员进行反恐处突处置训练本报讯(记者井春冉实习生王怡萌 文记者宁晓波 图)11月12日至14日,全省18个省辖市、10个直管县及厅高速交警总队、中原油田公安局共30支代表队、378名参赛民警在河南警察学院同场竞技,参加全省公安机关“五会一能”大比武活动。在活动现场,郑州市公安局和洛阳市公安局民警对伤害案件现场处置进行了演练。“放下手里的棍,后退,放下棍……”接到有“酒疯子”“武疯子”等高危人群的嫌疑人持械发疯欲伤害围观群众的警情,3名民警迅速携带警械赶往现场处置。嫌疑人边叫嚣“你算哪根葱”边冲击民警盾牌,在口头制止无效的情况下,警组运用盾牌防护、长警棍组合战术,迅速将嫌疑人控制。所谓“五会一能”就是要强化基本警务技能,做到“会盘查、会处置、会看管、会警戒、会防护,能打赢”。据悉,为认真贯彻省委常委、副省长、省公安厅厅长许甘露关于基层一线民警要做到“五会一能”的要求,积极推进战斗力倍增计划,自7月份以来,全省市、县两级公安机关共举办了590多期“五会一能”实战训练班,训练民警42600多人次,训练班次、训练民警数量超过了去年的年度训练量,训练的针对性、实战性、实用性也有了很大提升。参加此次大比武的郑州市公安局民警王斌说:“这次大比武项目设置基本涵盖了民警日常处警时的所有情况,大比武对今后提高我们执法规范化和执法水平具有很大帮助。”省公安厅党委委员、政治部主任高万象表示,这次比武内容紧贴实战实用,无论是基本科目还是实战科目,都立足基层一线的执法实际。据了解,此次比武人员是随机抽取,不比尖子不做“盆景”,锁定各地产生20%的带“长”民警和一定比例的女民警参加比武。比赛的五个实战科目全部采取模拟实战警情的方式,注重考核民警的临场处置能力,最大限度做到了贴近实战。高万象对下一步全省公安机关坚持实战引领精准实训,持续提升实战化训练能力和水平提出了三点要求。要围绕公安中心工作、紧跟形势任务发展变化,突出训练重点,进一步增强训练工作的针对性。要积极创新组训方式、教学方式和教学手段,进一步增强训练工作的实战性,提升实战化训练效果。要加强教官建设,大力提升新课研发和实战训练能力,全面提升实战化教学训练水平。坚持正规化、职业化发展方向,全面加强公安机关实战化训练工作,努力打造一支政治过硬、业务过硬、责任过硬、纪律过硬、作风过硬的公安队伍,为维护国家安全和河南社会大局稳定作出新的更大贡献。活动现场还对获奖代表队和获奖个人进行了表彰。郑州市公安局、永城市公安局等10个代表队获得优秀团体奖,新乡市公安局周朋、郑州市公安局王斌等6名民警荣获优秀个人。(大河网)相关的主题文章: