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Don’t regret in a child’s Kindergarten – Sohu maternal children in the kindergarten 3 years old is the best age of 2 and a half weeks they will send their children to the parents of these ideas is nothing more than to send their children to, children can get touch with the knowledge indeed, children early contact their ability to adapt to the collective life is better but this idea it is not for each child because the child is different in their individual growth and development, have a great relationship with the surrounding environment is not to say that let him do what he has to do what in the Chinese children to school age in the case without any communication regardless of how the child crying just to go to the kindergarten parents think children in the park, that is, A time to relax will have a lot a lot even the children in the kindergarten life will always be careless with thinking of the children to the kindergarten kindergarten since then on the growth of children should take full responsibility for the child in all kinds of activities in kindergarten feel is more than that children where there are so many things I want to ask, take full the responsibility of kindergarten mom and dad also have what use? In Europe and the United States children to fast admission age parents will advance to children to do a good job to teach kindergarten benefits can bring him what led him to love kindergarten or time will take the children to the kindergarten to the park really familiar with the environment around the day parents give their children dressed up with spirit on their own small bag out after the first to take a picture to commemorate today is the first day of admission is very profound significance of Western parents think the child admission into a large collective does not need to learn what knowledge of things just good fun, fun, fun on the line they are convinced that it is the nature of the child children only In order to play in his play to the kindergarten activities they will not fall under a child because things are important than what should we Chinese often say: child, he had to raise his education he, at least he should be responsible for adult before please think if the kindergarten children living don’t know if the child will not hurt the child’s kindergarten activities do not go so kids see other kids parents went to his mom and Dad don’t think he will mom and dad do not love him as a child will easily suffer from mental illness and most importantly, when children grow up you are old, memories of the past, the heart will not have regrets? Do not regret to stay in the child’s kindergarten while the child is small, more than the company is the best gift for children.相关的主题文章: