Do you really want to buy a suite to Langfang North County Okay, let’s go and see…… huangshexiaoshuo

Do you really want to buy a suite to Langfang North County? Okay, let’s go and see…… Langfang property market is now much fire, only you have to know. Everywhere the sales of the single page, get in by every opening extension off the team, only pay Paihao customers…… Even if you haven’t been to Langfang, but also must have heard the Chinese happy, the heavily bought Ravitch and gervinho, will build Hebei China into a super hot housing prices, the most enthusiastic is around Beijing to take up the town. Both the Langfang and North County or Guan, are now occupied by the huge monster. The fire in April this year, the reporter had visited the northern part of the county’s real estate projects. At that time, the purchase of the policy has just been introduced in Langfang, and developers are almost in the state of no room available for sale. At that time, the average price of commercial housing in Xianghe 11000 yuan per square meter, and now has risen to $16000. You know, just this year, this figure is only 7500 yuan. As housing prices in North County, the highest region, Beijing and Tongzhou only a river of Yanjiao, at the beginning of 2015, the price rose to 16000 yuan, the end of last year exceeded 20000 yuan, in April this year when the highest price reached 26000, 27000 yuan, has now risen to 27000 yuan to 30000 yuan. "Guan, the average price of 20000 yuan, Yongqing 16000 yuan, 25000 yuan in dachang……" A series of shocking price sales staff. Less than half a year, around Beijing area prices has changed dramatically. Due to the special geographical position, Langfang is a small city adjacent to Beijing and Tianjin, abruptly fired out of its location is extremely inconsistent abnormal prices. In this regard, it was quipped that Langfang is the three line city, the first line prices". As an enclave in Hebei Province, was caught in the middle of the Beijing Tianjin Sanhe, Dachang and Xianghe, even more embarrassing. In the North County, gathered Vanke, R & F, green, Longsheng, Chinese real estate developers, many real estate heavyweights seem unwilling to let this fat, to get a share. In many real estate business, China is the most special one. In the "industrial town operators" as the happiness of China in recent years, the reputation of enterprise, almost never developed in the main city, but in the development of the Beijing Sea region has a long list of peacock city. The city of the Grande Canale City, the peacock peacock Chaobai peacock City, Yanjiao peacock City, Yongding City, Badaling City, the peacock peacock river…… A series of peacock City dazzling, almost a circle around Beijing. This is not, in Guan is located in the Yongding River peacock city as an example, according to the sales staff, the Yongding River and the peacock city has about 10 projects in Guan, around the old town of Guan built, located in the old county around the area is about 1.5 times that of the old town of Guan. It can be said that Guan is a typical representative of the so-called "Chinese happiness ring industrial town mode". In terms of sales staff, the Chinese happiness or not to take to take big, build a town. The overflow from Beijing just need to purchase, from all over the world gathered from speculators, plus the major enterprises speculation, Beijing County prices do not rise, strange.相关的主题文章: