Don’t get married for your parents, don’t get married aspack

Don’t get married to parents, don’t get married will source: three Marinated Egg not to marry for parents, don’t get married on the "left for the king" the father said: "the winner" her parents should not marry outside she should not listen to listen more to think what groundless talk to get married she should think with my love to marry said of a couple to be especially hard go with head high and chest out vision seemed to win the same one day suddenly with the man in front of me as he told me that dad you see I found the person I marry him I think I can imagine the scene of her than a victory gesture let me talk to her mother That’s a lot of pride. Then tell her mom, I told you. Don’t get married to parents, not to marry Hsu Chi Stephen Fung on Hsu Chi in the "left for the king" in the line: "I this man, after so long, is not. No matter how many times I told me, you give up, my life is not to love me, I love the man, but for me, I have been longing for, there is a person who loves me, be with me, accompany me to walk this life… Love has always been the principle that I’ve held so long. Why should I compromise?…" Don’t get married for your parents, don’t get married. So don’t get married for your parents, and don’t get married. Here’s to Hsu Chi and Stephen Fung. (photo: Network) more exciting content please pay attention to Sina micro-blog (female)相关的主题文章: