Don’t spit A Jiao’s donkey hoof shoes, Zhao Liying play bridal wear winbook

Don’t spit A Jiao’s donkey hoof shoes, Zhao Liying was also wearing bridal chamber Wen Huang Xinliang features were "sellers show" shoes are "buyers show", most people feel after this is A Jiao drying out two pieces of self. A facial photograph, the other one is the full-length, we focus upon the two large donkey hoof shoes, eat melon masses have said the ugly shoes quickly burst, goddess of shoes. Not eat melon and mass aesthetic distant stars, this is not like A Jiao to wear this pair of shoes from the black, A Jiao estimated to be truly recognized by this pair of shoes before you take this piece of body beauty, want to get the netizens praise, did not think it did, it seems that the donkey hoof shoes users acceptance is still very low. Say a joke: A Jiao (gelatin) and donkey hoof (shoes) is not very match? The stars of the aesthetic always went to the forefront of fashion, have a lot of outlandish costume star through is slowly become a people eat melon in the closet all-match paragraph. The donkey hoof shoes are designed by AlexanderMcQueen, the shape of the donkey hoof, is common called donkey hoof shoes. Put on the donkey hoof, and overlooked the crowd, somewhat like stilts, three supermodel had shoes is too high and may fall off, refused to participate in the designer’s fashion show, visible every wearing shoes donkey hoof actress, have a brave heart, they are not afraid to fall. Don’t let fall face, face features to ensure that this is not strong, also can conciude wear shoes donkey hoof actress has original face. The red carpet show wear, wear, wear life, the play also wear. Starring Zhao Liying Chiu and William Chan "gate" the wedding scene, his donkey hoof shoes so that the audience really out of play, a person wearing the shoes to height and William Chan better, but look at this pair of shoes is rather clumsy, some people will say that when the donkey hoof shoes, donkey hoof the shoes have no idea, but earlier there is high as the donkey hoof shoe heels, just when filming in the donkey hoof shoes, do not know is the director of the idea, or Zhao Liying is especially beloved donkey hoof that pair of white shoes. Star style clothing, even makeup should be changed frequently, and even some star time appearance face like a man, but a pair of shoes to walk the world donkey hoof. The entertainment world loves to wear shoes, donkey hoof and even can be said to the donkey’s hoof to fashion is Fan Bingbing, unlike other cute type actress, Fan Bingbing wore shoes more is added to the donkey’s hoof domineering, but it was high actress also cannot be too high, on various occasions in you you can see Fan Bingbing put on the donkey’s hoof shoes. Let more actress learned the donkey hoof shoe is Lady GaGa, she in her famous song "MV BadRomance" in the donkey hoof shoe appearance, Gloria Tang put the fire off The students surpass the teacher., far more than the leather trousers, will put on the rock songs she sang just Wang Feng, look at those clothes Gloria Tang singing will the armor pack, fishnets and even by netizens joked "cosmic diapers loaded", compared with the silver donkey hoof shoes is not what Gloria Tang is original is not high, wear shoes is just contrary to expectation, donkey hoof reason. Men don’t have to worry about wearing it相关的主题文章: