Doreen Lawrence On John Terry Racism Charge Acquittal As Stephens Racially Motivated Murder Hurts-sunny came home

Politics According to the Mail online July 28, 2012 Doreen, the mother of murdered black teenager Stephen by racist thugs, said, despite the acquittal of the England Football Team defender Terry, the footballers .ments were racist. Many people from all walks of life, including the off-duty Police officer who reported the matter were of that opinion. However the Judge on the matter felt that there was insufficient evidence to convict. Much as I would have liked John Terry to be convicted, had he been truly guilty, on point of law, I have to agree with the Judges verdict. And I would have taken this same position, had a black person shown racism to a white person. But the situation once again highlights how widespread racism is and how all right thinking citizens of this world are fighting to eliminate this evil. The 1998 Macpherson enquiry, which resulted from Stephens death has done a lot in this regard. And this brings me back to Stephen. Even as I write, I feel like I personally knew this young man murdered on the 22nd of April 1993 aged merely 18. We had a few things in .mon, apart from our similar skin colour. Stephen was a British teenager from Eltham, South East London studying at college and hoped to proceed to University to be.e an Architect. This Year, he would have been 38, and possibly, a promising Architect, to the delight of amongst others, Neville and Doreen, his dignified parents. Being slightly more than a decade older than Stephen, I was at the time of his murder, an undergraduate student of Architecture at the University of Greenwich, London. My campus was in Dartford, Kent. On my way to the university, I often drove past the spot where he would be murdered, later followed by the desecration of a plaque in his memory. After that spot, I then joined the highway to .plete my journey. Stephen was an athlete, something that came in handy as he attempted to escape the racist thugs. Even today, physical exercise remain part of my daily routine. Stephen tried to walk away from his adversaries as I did on an occasion, and shudder now at what would have been my fate, had I not been somewhat lucky. I had visited a friend in Fulham, somewhere in London about evening time one summer, but the friend was not in. On my way out, as I passed a group of white teenagers sitting on elevated patch of grass, they stated saying things loud but I did not know they were referring to me until I was standing alone at a bus stop near them. One of them bare from the chest was already advancing towards me, with about four others a little behind. Dressed as I was, it was quite obvious, I could not outrun them all for long if I tried. Sensing some danger bordering on racism, with no other alternative, I switched on some charm as this leader got nearer. Hi Buddy I called out, isnt it quite warm and humid today? I wish I could sit out there with you guyswhats up? .ing to invite me to join the boys? He stood there for a while as he studied me, as my smile broadened, and then he turned, called out to his mates and they all started walking back to their previous position. I knew then I had escaped some intended demonstration of racism. About ten minutes later my bus arrived. This year, some of the racists who murdered Stephen were sentenced. The daily mail, a London newspaper amongst others, as well as Stephens parents were relentless in their fight for Justice. Racism did not begin today. Slave trade and its contributors are everywhere, white or black, helped foster this evil, which has continued in many ways universally today, but it is not just from one race to another. Like the off duty-Police officer who reported the John Terry matter to the authorities, we all owe each other a duty of care to halt its progress by following his example. That fatal stab at Stephen and all other similar victims of racism, be them white or black was aimed at all of us (citizens of this world) who believe in universal harmony for a fairer world, and the fight must continue to achieve such racism-free world.. Stephen was buried in rural Jamaica, in the Caribbean, near his great grandmother a woman that appears most certainly his one closest link to Africa his true origin. Because as a Jamaican friend once reminded me, We are Africans living in Jamaica. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: