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Dortmund officer Tuiye draw Real Madrid: afraid of yellow shirt? Fuxing law enforcement victory – Sohu sports carat Teng Berg will be in charge of Real Madrid Dortmund   this season in the Champions League second round match Real Madrid away in Dortmund, but UEFA has officially announced the enforcement of the referee candidate, England post carat Teng Berg will be in the park Chuifa Na eadu signal a heavy battle that is, carat Teng Berg from last season after the San Siro to witness the Real Madrid summit Europe, once again the Milky Way Chuifa battleship game. Carat Teng Berg is real Fuxing, so far a total of 6 times the penalty for Real Madrid, the Milky Way finally achieved victory. In addition to the Champions League final, an enforcement of the Real Madrid game against Paris Saint Germain group phase, when Real Madrid is the opponent 1-0, ahead of the 2 round of group promotion. In addition, Dortmund and Real Madrid in the Champions League is over 1 carat Teng Berg field, 2013-2014 Season 14 final first leg win over 3-0, the Milky Way battleship home court hornet. 6 games carat Teng Berg law enforcement in the Champions League game only 1 times, but the Real Madrid in the regular time and match planishes, this game was the Champions League final. In addition, C Ronaldo in the European Cup final battle, when the referee is carat Teng Berg, the 2 time this year witnessed the C Luo standing on the top of Europe, can say is C lo fu. The carat Teng Berg enforcement of the competition, there is no big dispute, the final Real Madrid beat opponents also rely not on the controversial penalty, but by means of excellent strength. But is unfavorable for Real Madrid, the last two games, wearing a yellow shirt in the face of the team, the Milky Way warships are not win. In Bernabeu’s Villarreal, Real Madrid finally and the yellow submarine tied 1-1. And away to Las Palmas, Real Madrid and rival 2-2. Dortmund official twitter at Real Madrid: "I heard that they saw the yellow jersey panic?" This time, the battleship is a big challenge. (Bourbon)相关的主题文章: