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Drama "the moon and six pence" premiered in September Meggie Theater – Sohu entertainment director: Deng Weijie + creative drama actor moon and six pence "everyone saw only six pence on foot, only he looked up and saw the moon." In 1919, Maugham completed his novel the moon and six pence. Over the past hundred years, the novel has been considered as the young artists of the Bible, the protagonist must abandon the rich Jedi Rand streake in real life, but in the pursuit of the ideal way by torture stories, inspiring generations of young people as the ideal work. The novel prototype "postimpressionist painter Gauguin’s life story, but because this book is people by word of mouth has become legend. September 21st to 25, according to the Maugham novel drama "the moon and six pence" will premiere in Shanghai Meggie theatre. The day before the play Chupin big scene culture held a press conference, producer Su Liming, Hongkong director Deng Weijie, screenwriter Li Ran, and other creative stars gathered in the field, the share of this work behind the scenes bit by bit with you. Director Deng Weijie said: "the rehearsal" the moon and six pence ", and Maugham is a theater dating, is also an ideal and soul dialogue." Life can have a lot of compromises, and ideals never do. In recent years, the publishing industry China whipped up a whirlwind of Maugham". Feng Tang also said: "the United Kingdom in the nineteenth Century and early in the novel, especially Maugham and Stevenson, the text of the Pearl River, the feelings of the gentleman" s "," "" "" "." In Maugham’s works, the first to enter China, the most widely known is the moon and six pence. This year is the first year of Maugham’s works into the public rights, in addition to Shanghai translation press reprinted translator Fu Weici’s version, there have been five or six press launched a "new version" of the moon and six pence. "The moon and six pence" to Gauguin’s experiences, described at the beginning of twentieth Century, stock broker in London originally "Jinling" Strickland, suddenly in years old when left his wife and child, give up a comfortable and happy life, wandering afar, began to engage in art; from London to Paris. To the South Pacific island of Tahiti, the hero has broken all worldly ethics and ideas, endure poverty, illness, duty bound to pursue the essence of art. His persistence, his sacrifice, his enthusiasm and indifference, the spectrum of a song of ups and downs of human nature. Maugham, the great writer of the age of the times, once said, "reading the moon and the six pence" is like a bump on the top of the top of the mountain, which makes the ordinary life of the completely disintegrated!" These words touched the producer Su Liming, she said: "Europe one hundred years ago, in fact, and now the Chinese like urban civilization is highly developed, people like living in the rich world. But there’s always that one person who tells you that life has a lot to do with it, and that it will never work. Well, your ideal, do you remember?" Maugham is also a screenwriter, but the moon and six pence too hard. Maugham’s novel "to go to the theatre", not only to the adaptation of the screenplay of the Li Ran has brought difficulties to the director of the film, the director of the film, the director of the film, the director of the film, the director of the film, the director of the film, the director of the"相关的主题文章: