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"Dream" Voyeur closely shooting absurd dreams is not the same as the incoming – Sohu entertainment days ago, by the "hero" in the seventh Hot pot played Chen Nuo’s "dream of the voyeur who is the protagonist" is Shandong Weifang shooting wildly beating gongs and drums in the goings on, the reporter found that in the film, no matter from the scene or figures are many commercial elements to create new styles, doped them, let people find everything fresh and new. The film produced by the Beijing golden brothers television culture media Co., ltd.. By Jin Liang, Jin Ke, Xin Yun longitudinal starring. The film’s story setting and plot development can be said to be a powerful and unconstrained style, in a place called the "dream" of the world, everyone’s destiny has been set up in advance, everyone’s fate is a kind of invisible power control, all people can only follow the fate of the original novel, like the hit series "-" in the Yuan Festival, will be the fate of others is set as a cruel game has been bored. Different from the "city of fantasy" is, Picasso and Yingkong Shi fate can not be changed, but in this world, people have the opportunity to change the destiny, to break the shackles of imprisonment. There is a thing called "dream", which buried the secret of the world, if you can solve the "dream", you can get out of this world. One day, a man named Kong Ergou came to the world and was chosen to solve the "dream" of the hero, he wants to do is in the "dream" to unlock the dream". Alone, he will find his partner in a limited period of time, to overcome all kinds of difficulties, solve the "dream", to save all living beings, to reverse the fate. However, he really can do it? There is a saying that says, "your brain is the most important organ in your body". The struggle for the hole, is the real resistance? Or was it just set? Is it fate that we have reversed? These doubts will find the answer in the movie. Chen Nuo as a director, micro film "2012’s pet protection agent" won the Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Award, won the praise of many experts, evaluation of Chen Nuo’s works are full of imagination, has its own innovation and style. Chen participating MV "I am 2016" and the movie "White River" Hot pot played the character of the hero, was a perfect portrait, which shows Chen deep knowledge in the entertainment aspect. The directed film "dream peeping", will certainly be their own unique style throughout the film, the audience is not the same as the psychological and visual experience. Beijing Jin Liang brothers film culture media Co. hosted by Ji Jinliang founded, Ji Jin liang1 began to engage in the film industry since 2006, has directed the film "winter brother spring", "Crazy" network drama studio and other works, and is also the first director promised cooperation, two people both in the aspects of the performing arts and film production are abundant experience and solid, produced this "dream Voyeur" is expected in 2017 New Year’s day before and after the broadcast on Iqiyi video, that will give the audience a different "dream" feeling.相关的主题文章: