Drug traffickers want to take advantage of holiday muddle through Yunnan border to pay a new network synnex

Drug traffickers want to take advantage of holiday muddle through Yunnan border of more than 30 kilograms of narcotics in the new network – Lincang border seized drugs. Zhong Xin photo Beijing, Lincang, September 18, (Ma Qian Zhu Jianming) to take advantage of the holiday to muddle through, even planted drug Lincang border. The 18 reporters from Yunnan Lincang public security detachment was informed that the detachment in the Mid Autumn Festival period even breaking the three drug cases, and seized 33.419 kilograms of drugs, 3 suspects were arrested. The 13 day at 20:50 PM, the detachment in the race border checkpoint duty officers to inspect a car by car to Yongde Mengding in the area, found the car driving high of a man and said no answer questioning exit and put in the car, exit the vehicle registration documents clearly inconsistent, then the law of the vehicle focus on examination, results from the vehicle fuel tank drug methamphetamine seized 75 lump weight 14.116 kg, the high of a suspect was arrested on the spot. The 14 day at 13:20 PM, the detachment of extragalactic border checkpoints with learned a foreign women in the southern town of Zhenkang county to pack motorcycle umbrella to the mainland, which may carry contraband suspicious appearance and movements. The station quickly dispatched officers Mopai ambush in the border line. At 15:10, the duty officers found a woman riding a motorcycle and master the match, then the law will stop to check on the spot from the motorcycle, the woman Yang luggage seized heroin 15 weight 10.19 kg, the suspect Yang was arrested on the spot. 15, 15 pm, the detachment of Hedi Gang border checkpoints duty officers and soldiers on a cross-country car to Lijiang to check, duty officers on the spot from the back door of the car spare tire hanging in the external yellow tape wrapped seized 26 of heroin weighing 9.113 kg, the suspect was arrested on the spot of a sand. Currently, the three cases are under further investigation. (end)相关的主题文章: