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Eat wanlilu series — exploring Tokyo cuisine – delicacy to eat Japanese delicacy as Sohu tourism country, its long delicacy culture can be traced back to the Jomon period six thousand or seven thousand years ago, since Japanese like so, of course it is indispensable delicacy restaurant, with Japan’s tourism industry developed more and more, go to Japan the play is more people add taste, Japanese cuisine became the primary task of many people, representing characteristics in Japanese cuisine include sushi, sashimi, wine, lunch, buckwheat noodles, beef, and furnishings? Hand-Pulled Noodle, very exquisite kaiseki, but where to eat a a big problem, today will help you listed Tokyo to eat delicacy list TOP10! When it comes to Tokyo, is absolutely the first station of a lot of people arrived in Japan, where the delicacy is more dazzling, the Showa period to enter the Ginza Kansai cut cooking dishes, brought 180 into Japanese cuisine, since the Edo cuisine Kansai cuisine is declining, Xi Juandong Beijing, after entering in twenty-first Century, Japanese cuisine circles appear extreme to return to the traditional fashion and creative cuisine restaurant. Said so much, or to see where there is delicious cuisine! Tsukiji market Tsukiji market is Tokyo’s largest traditional fish and vegetable fruit wholesale market. Fish originated in the Edo period, it is still a great deal of fresh products in Tokyo. Divided into the floor of the market and the OTC shops street. There are stalls selling all kinds of things outside the market and restaurants, seafood meal, rice and vegetable roll, grilled seafood everything, every day two in the morning to half past two, there will be a tuna auction, are interested, you can go and see. A blue Hand-Pulled Noodle (Shibuya branch) some people say that if Tokyo can only eat once Hand-Pulled Noodle would have to go to a lan. The chain store is very much in Bodo soup taste Hand-Pulled Noodle as the foundation, according to the consistency and surface hardness choose soup very user-friendly personal preferences. One of the characteristics of Bodo Hand-Pulled Noodle is "for jade", which is another bowl of noodles, but not less than half a bowl of soup. Katsuya Matsuya is similar to the domestic Yoshinoya (but than domestic Yoshinoya is not delicious, but also Japanese citizens very tiny but adventitious quantity) to beef rice snack shops, stores all over the country. Have to say this is small in Tokyo with only ate three times the restaurant (Kyoto also eat a few times), high cost, in Kyoto, Tokyo these places like gold inch meters, loose this house a meal as long as five hundred or six hundred yen, miso soup free, absolutely not. Big and famous for its freshness and the sushi sushi shop before long queues. Because it is too popular, you have to wait for more than an hour if you want to experience the boss’s good skills in 40 years. Although an average of about 3000 yen consumption is not particularly cheap, but the entrance is the dream of the taste, but many people are willing to not bright in the day, went out to the feast of taste. Akasaka eel eel Akasaka mainly supply eel rice, the taste is guaranteed, is said to be the best to Shinjuku to eat eel rice, it is suitable for shopping when the way to eat. The restaurant is located in the Takashimaya Shinjuku 14 floor, overlooking the night. "相关的主题文章: