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Jewelry-Diamonds Engagement rings are the gifts which a man of today would love to give to his girl friend when he proposes her for the marriage. Men are usually dazzled by the beauty of woman and in the same way women get dazzled with the beautiful rings. So if someone is thinking of buying any of the engagements rings from the market then he must do some research work. People say that women love diamond engagement rings, but nowadays the trend is changing. Women are no longer dazzled by diamond, they love to wear a beautiful jewelry which will enhance their beauty and most importantly, it should be matching with their dress. Thus diamond engagement rings are no longer the favorites, women also like ruby, sapphire and emerald engagement rings. With the changing trend the engagement rings for women have become modernized with more elegant and beautiful styles. In most of the western countries the engagement rings are generally given to women on the day of wedding or when a man proposes to a girl. But in the eastern countries, like India the engagement rings are not only given to women but also men. Thus in this part of the country the men engagement rings also hold a special position. Men also like to wear stylish jewelry. The only difference is the style of women engagement ring and the men engagement ring. As we all know that men are more powerful than women in the physical way. So the rings which are worn on the ring finger of men should be appealing to their personality. Thus with the growing trend it is not diamond which is popular among men, it is titanium engagement rings which are more favored by men. Earlier the women used to gift a watch or a wallet to her husband, but with the change in trend now they also give rings to men. These titanium rings are far better than these gold and silver rings given to men. The gold and silver rings do not have any variety in color, the only variety it can have is the different type of designs used in it. Therefore these titanium rings are far better than gold and silver rings. The titanium rings have variety of colors in it which gives choice to the women to choose from. The color of the titanium should be such that it must suit the personality of man. These titanium rings are the best for those men who do not have any habit of wearing rings. As these rings are lighter in weight men can easily wear them. A titanium ring is also durable and thus it makes the perfect choice for men. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: