English humorous little story can speak French Parrot ricky lee neely

Guy this into and a parrot it has blue string handing from one foot and red one from the a (other) in,,,, So, a French speaking parrot. He thinks this a strange so asks the shopkeeper what the strings are for he little is. A man found a beautiful parrot in a pet shop, but one of his feet was holding a blue rope, and the other was holding a red one. The man felt a little strange, went to ask the owner of the rope is what to do? "Well this a highly trained parrot" the shopkeeper is replies. "If you pull red string talks in French, if you the blue he talks pull in English string he the". "Oh, it’s a trained parrot." Answered the shopkeeper. If you pull the red rope, it will speak French, if you pull the blue rope, it will speak English, "Wow" exclaims man shopping, "That ‘s really neat. What happens you them at the same time both? Pull if?" "Wow," the man was surprised. "Too bad. What if you pull at the same time?" "I fall my perch you idiot off!" The parrot exclaims. "I’ll fall off the shelf! You idiot!" Replied the parrot. This article source: Shanghai English Editor: Wang Chun相关的主题文章: