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Erotic double 11 report: 90% of the main consumer Guangdong bought the most with the change of consumption concept, taste industry is ushered in new opportunities. Domestic interest in the electricity supplier he interested APP released the report said, double 11 day, he was interested in total sales reached 5 million 620 thousand yuan, is double the turnover of last year, the double of 3 times. In addition, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu Province in the province’s top three list of sales, of which the most powerful purchasing power for the city of Beijing. On the same day, the old taste chunshuitang goods enterprises also officially landed three new board, publicly listed on the transfer. So far, three industry leaders have landed three new board. Daily economic news reporter still found that the current profitability of these three companies are still at a loss, but this, several big companies have expressed confidence in the turnaround. This year, double 11 surge in turnover report shows that the double 11 on the day he was interested in total sales reached 5 million 620 thousand yuan, is double last year’s turnover of 3 times. Among them, in the platform of consumer spending supplies of the top three provinces are Guangdong Province, Zhejiang province and Jiangsu Province, purchasing power from the city interest, consumers in the Beijing area for the highest consumption investment interest. In addition, the report also shows that, from the point of view of shopping behavior preferences, the main channel for mobile phone customers for fun shopping, fun consumption of high demand for privacy security is the key factor. In the platform for shopping ages up to 19 to 26 years old, become the main force of this group of shopping spree. Among them, the highest appetite for consumption of 21 years of age. He is interested in the relevant responsible person said on the "daily economic news" reporter, "double 11" during the consumption of sentiment tide, cannot do without interest in business enterprise to standardize the product quality and privacy services overall, with 90 of the mainstream user groups gradually into the society, sex products consumption will become a new trend. In fact, he was interested in the phone as a APP, compared with the big data of the data and the taste of the market, there are still some differences. At present, the scale of the Chinese market has reached 100 billion yuan, the proportion of men and women to buy supplies were male, female, 44.9%, respectively. While the age mainly concentrated in 25 ~34 years of age, the proportion is as high as 53.5%, with his interest platform "19 to 26 years old, became the main force of the group this year and different shopping spree. Of course, in Guangdong as the province’s largest consumer interest in this point, his interest in data and big data coincide. The industry believes that will welcome the outbreak in November 14th, the Old Spice supplies business hall officially landed three new board, publicly listed on the transfer, this is the year of the third listed sex products company. According to the prospectus released chunshuitang chunshuitang, 2015, operating income more than doubled in the last year, reaching 40 million 577 thousand yuan, this year 1~2 month income 6 million 76 thousand and 900 yuan. According to seal information (his interest operator) latest financial data show that the company in the first half of 2016 sales revenue of 38 million 742 thousand and 600 yuan, compared with $208相关的主题文章: