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Business What you see We reach the small but attractively done up office of Graviti Events in Vivekananda Nagar, Mysore after quizzing the local people about its location. As it is situated in a residential area, the traffic menace does not hit us. The peaceful location seems ideal for chalking out creative event management solutions. We see .fortable resting chairs and a sofa for visitors and also photographs of recent events conducted by Graviti Events on the notice board. The board also has the list of event management services offered by the firm. What you get Graviti Events is one of the earliest entrants into event management services in Mysore in 1996. It plans and organizes corporate events, promotional events, product launches, discos, fund-raising events, parties, exhibitions, conferences, workshops, camps, promotional events, cultural events, extracurricular events, college fests, parties, charity events and more. Although the office setting does not reflect the effort and creativity of the event management team, the album with photographs of the New Year bash organized by them at a resort, reveal their talent. We were taken aback by the awesome stage settings, dreamy lightings and the backdrops. One of the staff members quips that at Graviti Events innovation is given top priority. The services offered at Graviti Events include venue booking, floral arrangements, stage arrangement and decoration, DJ and anchor services, sound system, lighting etc. They also undertake party catering (vegetarian and non-vegetarian food) and provide party tents. You can also contact them for fancy stage equipments like smoke machines, lasers, special backdrops etc. Charges depend upon the type of event, location, the type of accessories used for stage, venue decoration and the duration of the event. Our verdict Graviti Events offers a range of event management services and also seems to have a professional team. Its past experience .bined with its creative approach makes it a viable option amongst event management .panies in Mysore. The staff members are cooperative and provide clear details. Regarding parking space availability here, the roadside tends to be used. Anytime between 10.30 AM 6.30 PM (Closed on Sundays) About the Author: 相关的主题文章: