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Experience store renovation throes of net profit down 80%   the United States to store renovation plan does not shake — real estate — people.com.cn original title: experience store renovation throes of net profit down 80% to Gome store renovation plan does not shake the United States now, experiencing the throes of upgrading stores. August 29th, Gome semi annual report released in 2016, this statement is not so satisfactory on the surface. Reported that in the first half of 2016, the United States revenue 35 billion 312 million yuan, an increase of 11.42%, net profit of $124 million, down by 81.95%. For the sharp decline in net profit, the United States believes that the transformation of all listed companies due to the store. Gome said chief financial official Wei accept the "Securities Daily" interview with reporters, more than and 40 stores in the first half of the United States business transformation, are the assets of listed companies, while closing the store renovation is basically the main shop, the transformation period of 4 months of losses, a great impact on the United States sales. He said: the United States this year is expected to transform the store 100-120 home. In the first quarter of this year to complete the transformation of 8, the completion of the two quarter of the more than and 40, while the United States in the second quarter of the country will be about 30 transformation. More than 1700 stores in the United States, suitable for the transformation of the more than and 800, has been transformed by the end of the more than and 80." Recently, the reporter walked into Beijing, a number of GOME stores, to explore the continuous transformation of the United States stores, what is the impact on its geometry? The United States plans to transform 120 Xibahe shop this year, this is one of the medium-sized stores in the United States in the first half of this year has just completed the transformation. All of the traditional counters have been opened, 3C, small appliances and other regions have no strict boundaries, VR experience zone, baked cooking area, so that the store’s more entertaining. The first floor of the central store, a drone was found in a large cage, from time to time with remote staff fly, allow consumers to experience. In this just after the transformation and upgrading of the store to go a circle, the reporter on the impression of the traditional store more and more. "The United States Xibahe shop is a parallel store, we want to build it as a collection of VR, baking, experience in one of the entertainment center after the transformation, implantation of gaming and kitchen. Transformation of the flow of the store significantly reduced, but after the upgrade this month, it is rapidly increasing traffic and performance." Gome Xibahe shop of a responsible person told reporters. The implementation of this round of store renovation plan is a large-scale integration in the United States after the acquisition of non-listed company store assets and re adjust the store location. Earlier this year, Gome President Wang Junzhou in the United States to develop a strategic annual meeting to continue to promote the transformation and upgrading of stores, increase the new experience of the project’s 3 year plan. In April this year, with the acquisition of Gome Ewell development, integration of the listed companies and non listed department store was finally completed. Gome group stores after the merger reached 1790, covering the country’s 434 cities. Such a large number of stores, so that the United States began to think about how to better use the advantage of resources to maximize the store, in line with the future market. )相关的主题文章: