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Exposure to "August Weiyang" crew beating students did not hit the film side: the Sohu Sohu entertainment friends broke the news entertainment news users claimed that Shanghai is a University shooting TV series "August Weiyang", the crew beat the student in the school, students and even lead to bleeding. In this regard, the reporter contacted the "August Weiyang" film studios Kang Xi is responsible for publicity, the other told reporters, the staff did not hit, but in pushing each other down, and the other is not a student. The official told reporters that the incident has been resolved.       according to his understanding, what is the cause of the two sides because without permission to take the matter caused a dispute, the other saw a crew filming, using a mobile phone to shoot a photo, the staff came to a stop, and hit the staff is a master of physical contact on both sides of the dispute, and lead to each other fell and bleeding, rather than the subjective intention of staff attack. The responsible person said, the crew stationed in the University, has not been allowed to take pictures, and that is "beaten" are not the students, but to watch the passers-by. After the incident, the two sides have been reported to the police and the matter has been resolved, I do not know why there will be accused of students.   相关的主题文章: