False recruit actor interview ask the crew can accept energy-saving-didadi

False recruit actor interview ask the crew can accept energy-saving "super king" according to the Beijing Morning Post reported on September 13th start before the TV series "super king" in Zhejiang Hengdian boot, but Beijing people posing as actors and crew recruitment, in the interview asked candidates can accept the kiss, sex. Yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporter to the identity of the candidates and found that the cheater contact is still used in the "super king" in the name of recruitment. The drama executive producer said the crew did not set the scene in Beijing and the recruitment of staff, has been an alarm, and to remind the actors not to be fooled. Lawyers believe that the act of pretending to be unauthorized agency, should bear civil liability. Actor: the interview asked Chuangxi "took more than two years of play, asked the first kiss, sex." The main actor Ms. Song told reporters that she saw a man claiming to be the crew recruitment information on the actors, communicate with each other, Ms. song to understand some basic information. The song lady show chat, the reporter saw, the man surnamed Cui, said the crew in September 25th before starting to selected actors, Ms. song to dispel concerns, he also sent. Ms. Song said, in September 10th she came to an apartment in Chaoyang District Jinzhan leather Village in the interview, but the interview scene that she was a suspect, "there’s no window room, put the sofa and bed. In addition to Cui, there are three people claiming to be an examiner. In the introduction, one of the men asked me if I could accept and Chuangxi kiss." With many years of experience with the group, Ms. Song said to reporters, with the group of actors in the play is a foil, no more than one or two lines, not involving the passion play. To feel strange Ms. song is that after the interview, a monthly salary of ten thousand yuan Cuimou conditions. "The market price at four thousand yuan," doesn’t feel right, Ms. song "super king" and the trustee crew made contact, confirmed that Choi is a liar. Deputy director said "don’t move in Beijing, think of the interview together that day more than 20 girls, if someone is not informed in groups, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate." Crew: no point shooting in Beijing yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporter linked to the "super Wangyeh" crew executive producer Mr. Wen, he told the crew name Cuimou under the guise of recruiting actors expressed anger. The crew did not set the shooting scene in Beijing and recruiters, and I play the director’s name swindlers use stills, they deceive those who drift girl, also engage in kissing and sex, we unbearable." Mr. Wen told reporters that the matter has been on the alert, due to the lack of contact with Choi repeatedly, the crew issued a statement to remind actors not to be fooled. At the same time, Mr. Wen said in an interview, such as script involves kissing, the director will direct reference to actor previously shot content, such as an actor, never filmed a kiss but want to try, will let the self play, not to show up the scene for specific. Lawyer: impostor should bear responsibility for the reporter to the identity of the candidates with Mouhou Cui found that he still use the crew recruitment in a flagrant way. "We are the" super king "crew filmed in Beijing and Hengdian." But when a reporter asked about his position and interview in the cast, shooting details, Cui did not answer. In this regard, Beijing view.相关的主题文章: