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"Distant" Jiang Fan: the little girl heart "big woman" – Sohu Sohu Jiang Fan entertainment entertainment news from today, TV drama "distance" will be landing in Anhui, Shandong TV prime time hit synchronization. Among them, the young actor Jiang Fan plays the male lead Zhang Bo’s sister "Zheng Haiqiong", although the surface is fragile little girl, the heart is enough to all rivers run into sea "big woman". TV drama "distance" will focus on the 70’s, the educated youth life as the background, tells the story of Zheng Xiangdong (played by Zhang Bo) and Su Yang (played by Xu Baihui) across the thirty years of the child heart love story. Among them, Jiang Fan played by Zheng Haiqiong is the sister of the younger sister, gentle and kind, is the best of all, the best of all. The family will see more than anything else, will be regarded as his brother’s pillars, no matter what happens to his brother will unconditionally support him. Even in the brother who taught, can also help him to Su Yang to raise children, he became a "old girl" have no regrets. Jiang Fan said: "in front of my brother even older then growth, Zheng Haiqiong is also the brother copycat, but in need of help when her brother was also lived a" big woman ", can put down all the more strong and independent choice, this is the power of love." From the "six" to "66 Fen that something secret behind", from "village" to the gates "landminebattle", Jiang Fan created a weird, or dignified, or all or part, all things to all men, she said with a smile: "I have many roles in life in the shadow also, I do not have the diversity, hope to achieve through the interpretation of these characters’ character transformation ‘, to experience different life through performance."   相关的主题文章: