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The film industry promotion bill second network movie is not within the scope of regulation – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on August 29th news (reporter Hou Yan) according to the Chinese sound "center wide news" report, the twelve session of the twenty-second meeting of the NPC Standing Committee opened this morning, the film industry promotion law two reviewers of draft deliberation meeting, how to draft to strengthen the supervision of the movie box office revenue? In recent years in China’s movie market, concealed, false film has been the situation for the last two years, and the emergence of the phenomenon of false at the box office, for example "IP MAN three", "catch demon meter" appeared in the box office. This kind of box office fraud is closely linked with some financial, capital and even the stock market, the greater the harm to the entire film industry. Some members of the Standing Committee and the relevant departments of the central government, including the local and the public have proposed to strengthen the supervision of the box office revenue. Increase the false and concealed box office revenue behavior punishment. The Law Committee after the study, the proposed increase in provisions of the two reviewers, the film distribution companies, shall provide sales statistics of cinema movie accurate, may not take false trading, false and concealed sales and other improper means to deceive, mislead the audience, disturb the market order of the movie. And also provides the corresponding administrative penalties, penalties and a reviewer in the basic line, film distribution companies and cinemas, if not truthfully provide statistical sales income by the competent departments of people’s governments at the county level of the film, a fine of 50 thousand yuan, a fine of 500 thousand yuan if the circumstances are serious, shall be ordered to suspend business, if the circumstances are especially serious by the original the sale department shall revoke the license. In addition, for everyone concerned, to support the provisions of the domestic film, the last time in a manuscript which provides the lowest proportion of domestic film screenings in theaters in the year as the relevant provisions. But there is a member of the Standing Committee proposed, should also further clarify the domestic film screenings of cinema time requirements, if it is possible to waste time, but also support the effect will be discounted, should be encouraged to arrange more primetime show domestic film. The two reviewers also added provisions, the cinema shall reasonably arrange the domestic legal person, other organization of film screenings and period of time, and the showing time shall not be less than 2/3 of the total annual movie time. In the current draft, on the set of film licensing and qualification approval, filing and examination outline and the screenplay made provisions. In the current situation, many films set license has implemented a "zero threshold", as long as the registration of the business sector in some TV cultural enterprises can apply for the film, many years without qualification in the approval of this kind of enterprise. For shooting management through the screenplay outline or record review to protect the entrance, so that the provisions of the abolition of the movie set permission, the two reviewers of draft also make such deletion, is also in line with the central decentralization requirements, to maintain effective security culture. And the relevant provisions, the competent authorities of the film issued a certificate of record or approval documents, the use of such filing system, replacing the previous entry examination and approval system. It should be noted that some of the Standing Committee of the organization of television and network.相关的主题文章: